Brooks Racer ST 4 Unisex

Product Description

Brooks running shoes are products built around elevating the experience of running. Its advanced stability, cushioning and motion control gear makes it the product of choice among runners of different calibre and levels. Brooks is dedicated to inspire people to become active by creating innovative equipment to keep you running longer, farther and happier as well performing better. Brooks innovation and care for the runner as well as his environment can be best personified with the Brooks Racer ST 4!

This Brooks running shoe is light enough to be used for a 5K run and has the ability to survive every marathon of your life. It does not hurt that this sleek Racer ST 4 can help shave seconds and even minutes off your regular running time. The dual density post is biomechanically engineered to allow for progressive pro nation control. This means your foot is placed in a more natural position when land and taking off. It is a lightweight show but has excellent energy return. As with all Brooks running shoes, it is engineered to be longer lasting and a high mileage running shoe. With the HydroFLow Weigh of 244g, be assured that although you are running with the support that is sturdy enough to last distances, you still feel ultra super light.




VFF Time Best 07


Brooks Racer ST 4 Testimonials

RunDaddyRun, Very light weight, extremely comfortable! Breathes easy, perfect for races of any length. I would not recommend this for your daily running shoe, as they wear faster than most shoes. I wore a new pair for the Army 10-Miler & the Marine Corps Marathon in the same week, and noticed the soles already show wear, and one is coming apart slightly at the heel.

Carrey Fleharty, Tulsa Oaklahoma I love the color! These shoes are lightweight. The have mesh that allows your foot to breathe. I would consider putting in a different insole or a type of orthopedic insole in them before you begin to run. Other than that I love the shoes.

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