Grid Type A4 Men

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Product Description

Running has been made easier through the innovation of lightweight shoes such as the Saucony Barefoot Running Shoes. It’s the new fad to remain stylish while keeping one’s self active and healthy. More and more sports enthusiasts see it as the next best investment in their market.

The Men’s Saucony Grid Type A4 was designed to be a lightweight (6.4 oz), fast, neutral racing flat that would appeal to midfoot/forefoot striking runners. Lower midsole height adds more cushion to your foot and makes it more durable and solid on the outside. The lower material has in itself drainage holes that not only distribute the weight of the foot, but also to easily squeeze out water from the shoes making it more comfortable for neutral racing during marathons of 5K and the likes.

Grid Type A4 is best for more brisk and speed focused workouts and racing. It promotes stability and performance not only for the runner but for the shoes as well. Its air mesh upper provides breathability and good ventilation for your foot. What’s more, the midsole is made of the Saucony Super Lite (SSL) EVA which is a sophisticated EVA blend that helps maximize rebound and at the same time minimize weight. The Saucony’s XT-900 outsole on the other hand offers extraordinary traction properties. Both the SSL EVA and the carbon rubber outsole, XT-900, contribute to the overall durability that Saucony shoes boast of.

There is no doubt you get your money’s worth with the Saucony Grid Type A4 shoes for men!


A Closer Look at Grid Type A4 Men’s Shoes

Saucony Grid Type A4 Men Testimonials


Abbotsford, BC, Canada


I train in a few different shoes, but when I want to fill great about a run (any distance), I wear my Grid Type A4s. There is only one word required for me to describe these shoes – Awesome!!

Please!! Don’t stop making these.

Jim_slabaThey held up exceptionally well…

I just retired my first pair of A4 Grid’s after 300 hard miles of speed, tempo, and triathlon racing, with the triathlons including a number of miles on dirt and gravel. They held up exceptionally well, and my new pair just arrived from Runner’s Warehouse. I found the shoes worked well for me all the way up to the half marathon distance. One big plus for triathletes – the shoes drain well – no slushing in your socks or bare feet – with the drain holes. The flip side is that if you have runs or races on gravel, small rocks can find their way into the drain holes and cause discomfort until removed (happened once during the 10k portion of a tri).

JfpA Nearly Perfect Running Shoe

I love the Grid Type A4 shoes. These have become my favorite running shoe, and in my opinion, a nearly perfect running shoe. I have over 400 miles on these and have not had any of the tread issues that others seem to have. These have lasted me much longer than any other shoe, and still have lots of life left to them. I weigh 180 pounds, run about 40 miles a week, with the long run averaging 10 miles. I don’t have the best running form, and am mostly a mid-foot striker.

Saucony Grid Type A4 Men Color Choices

Citron / Black / SilverWhite / Black / ViZi-PRO

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