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Running has been made easier through the innovation of lightweight shoes such as the Saucony Barefoot Running Shoes. It’s the new fad to remain stylish while keeping one’s self active and healthy. More and more sports enthusiasts see it as the next best investment in their market.

Among all the Saucony line ups in the Fall of 2011, Hattori Men is the most minimal of them all. Hattori features a 10 mm height and 4.5 oz weight for a size 9.0 men’s shoe which is vastly superior to other minimalist running shoes in the market. The upper of this highly flexible, zero heel drop training shoes showcases overlays of suede with exoskeleton lockdowns and ultralite mesh. Two velcro straps secure your foot instead of the traditional laces to customize the fit on your foot. Hattori’s midsole are actually compression moulded EVA while the outsole carries the Saucony’s patented and extremely hard-wearing carbon rubber compound, XT-900, in areas that are prone to wear and tear.

Hattori’s sole is so thin despite a seemingly thick height of 10 mm making it a preferable choice among runners who are looking for a more “barefoot” running experience. Likewise, it is compatible to runners who are seeking for shoes to help them into a more comfortable transition to Saucony Kinvara and other heel-toe drop shoes.

Run light, free and comfortably with Saucony Hattori!

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1 thought on “Hattori Men”

  1. Hello, I found your amazing web site, barefootrunning.org, this morning on my phone. And am now looking thru it on the laptop.
    I love what you all have created. This site is truly a gift to all of us who value the barefoot running lifestyle. You have listed several brands/manufacturers I was not aware of. One of the many reason why I love this web site is because I have done the research and comparative reason thru each shoe and their manufacturer individually which I found to be a bit fragmented and labor intensive.
    Now with barefootrunning.org, I no longer need to do this.
    I am just one of the many converts who has spent most of my running life going from injury to injury and wearing all the padded, with orthotics and dutifully replacing them at about 400 miles blablabla… I wore the stability, stability plus, multi layered sole, with the bizarre heel height and running with the heel striking and forward lean that those shoes produce.
    I found my way to Chris McDougalls book , Born To Run and have been watching many of Barefoot Teds videos on Youtube.Its all so amazing to me….I’ve been watching videos on YT featuring the Tarahumara.
    An old friend of mine loves the Vibram Fives and she owns 6 pairs but I have resisted but I feel my resistance to them fading. LOLOLOL
    In the past 6 weeks I have purchased two pair of the Saucony Kinvara 3, but I’ve discovered after purchasing a pair of the New Balance Minimus that I feel better in the NB barefoot Minimus shoes then the Kinvaras. Live and lean…The Minimus has a zero heel drop, as you know…No inner sole, no extra anything and has a nice roomy toe box for proper toe splaying…I just wish they made the upper material similar in softness to the Saucony Hattori.
    Whats interesting is I know and feel that I want even less of a shoe. I’m not sure in which direction my desire for truly minimal to barefoot will take me and in saying so, I am very open to any and all suggestions from anyone associated with your amazing web site.
    I am 55. have been running literally my entire life starting in 6th grade. As a punishment my gym teacher would make me run laps in Chuck Taylor high top canvas allstars. I found running so easy that I secretly found his “punishment” to be fun and amazingly easy.

    To whom ever reads this note from me, thank you for taking the time to do and would really enjoy hearing back from someone.

    Sincerely yours,

    David Greenman


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