Kilkenny XC 3 Flat Men

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Product Description

Running has been made easier through the innovation of lightweight shoes such as the Saucony Barefoot Running Shoes. It’s the new fad to remain stylish while keeping one’s self active and healthy. More and more sports enthusiasts see it as the next best investment in their market.

Every XC shoe needs a balance between traction and minimalism giving you the best of both worlds. The Saucony Kilkenny XC 3 Flat Men‘s shoes is your cross-country racing flat that can give you superior performance, comfort and speed. At just 6.0 oz, the Kilkenny XC 3 Flat was built for 3k to 10k races on either rubber or grass surface. The upper of the shoe is made of mesh and synthetic leather padded with a rubber lower sole.

The Kilkenny XC 3 Flat’s supportive overlays ensure that your foot is locked through every twist and turn. Midsole are made with compression molded EVA to provide shock attenuation as well as responsive cushioning ideal for middle or long distance runs. The omni-directional outsole is coated with XT-600, a Saucony patented carbon rubber material that lends the Kilkenny Flat outstanding abrasion and excellent traction. Most of all, you know your feet can breathe through its air mesh upper.

So, if you are looking to find the best cross country running shoe that comfortably fits your feet and does not compromise your performance then Kilkenny XC 3 Flat is perfect for you. Kilkenny Flats can match your heightened activity through its grid soles that offer stability, cushion and speed while positively responding to your need for utmost comfort and grip.

Saucony Kilkenny XC 3 Flat Men Testimonials

Amey Abhyankar
Pune city,India
Exellent shoes

I am from India & asked my US friend to buy those shoes for me as he was on his way to India. This company is not really famous in India but look of shoes are marvelous. Plus price is very attractive. I am happy with my purchase.
Only a bit disappointment is although US size matched my leg but the shoe are too narrow than I thought. My leg is broad a bit but I managed it by stretching the lace. These shoes are extremely light weight. Soft from inside and no sweating. Inside sole is black and I also got 1 more pair of lace which is nice. Before also I bought few pair of shoes from Amazon. Those all shoes were comfortable & very reasonable price wise.


Virginia Beach, VA

Great for trail running…and ultimate frisbee

I use these shoes without spikes for trail running in the local state park. The terrain that I pass through starts off as a wooded chipped trail, then turns into clay for a few miles then transitions to very fine sand. I haven’t had a problem with rubbing or traction on any of these terrains. I like these shoes so much that I’ve started to put rubber spikes in them and use them for my ultimate frisbee spikes.

Saucony Kilkenny XC 3 Flat Men Color Choices

Navy Blue / White Dark Green / Black / Citron

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  1. Greetings,

    2 years ago I bought 3 pairs of Kilkenny xc3 (no spike version). After running them 3-4 times per week, rotating the shoes, I finally wore through the sole on one and the other two are going to go pretty quick. Do you still have the Navy/White with non-spike variety. I saw the XC4, but the flashy colors don’t blend with my Air Force PT Uniform very well.




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