Outdoor Retailer Event Introduces Vibram Five Fingers

At this outdoor retailer event, Vibram Five Fingers Shoes makes it’s second year debut. Here, the Vibram worker Georgia goes into detail about the origins of the shoe and the interviewer tries on a pair and talks about it.

Some of the interesting points they go over:

  • Vibram is a Italian company and in Italian, fingers and toes are the same word. that is why it’s called five fingers even though its for your toes.
  • The advantages of being close to barefoot: separation of toes and using the feet as a natural stabilizer and how it strengthens the feet.
  • This is what nature inteded.
  • People have various feet sizes, so the interviewer asks how they know it will fit most people. She explains the process and how it fits 95% of the population (I feel bad for the unlucky 5%).
  • They talk about the Vibram Five Fingers Classic (men, women) and the Vibram Five Fingers Sprint (men, women).
  • The lightweight nature of the shoe.

For more information on Vibram Five Fingers Shoes, click on the links below:

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