Patagonia Fore Runner EVO Minimalist Trail Running Shoe Review

Patagonia Fore Runner EVO Minimalist Trail Running Shoe Review score: 99/100. For trail runners, Patagonia Fore Runner EVO is certainly a must-have shoe. The company introduced this pair as a lightweight and low-profile minimalist trail running shoe. Finding the perfect shoe for trail running can be quite a challenge and tricky. Some footwear brands may be minimalist but they limit movement and agility while others have too much cushioning which can be uncomfortable. But with the EVO it aims to deliver all your needs in footwear during trail running.

The Patagonia Fore Runner EVO is the perfect example on what a minimalist trail running shoe should be. It does not only provide a close-to-the-ground feel but it also exhibits durability and power for the runner. It is indeed a good choice especially, to those who have yet to experience the benefits of a minimalist trail running shoe.

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The material used for the EVO is breathable wicking air mesh which allows enough air circulation. The mesh also dries fast which is an ideal material for water crossings. Its microfiber upper adds durability to the shoe and its leather toe bumper protects your toes when it hits rocks and hard surfaces. The insole of the shoe is made of 15% recycled EVA perforated footbed. The Patagonia Air Cushion in soles adds stability and comfort. Running in different trails will never be a problem again with Patagonia Fore Runner EVO because its outsole is framed with multi- density sticky rubber. Unlike other trail running shoes, this has just enough cushioning for terrain sensitivity. Its lining are treated with AEGIS microbe shield which helps regulate moisture and odor. Different terrains have different feel and Patagonia Fore Runner EVO ensures that you are protected and at the same time you can maximize your agility.


One great thing about Patagonia Fore Runner EVO is how well -positioned the treads are. The treads help in increasing your agility and flexibility during running even on technical trails. Unlike other trail running shoes, the lugs are not too large or too sharp. It gives a consistent amount of traction needed. With this kind of outsole, you would not have to worry about mud and stones getting in between the lugs or tread which could be a big hassle during the run. It is simple, clean and functional.


Expect a super comfortable feel once you wear Patagonia Fore Runner EVO. Since its insole is from 15% recycled EVA foam, it gives you that close-to-the-ground feel, 4mm drop, with the just the right amount of cushioning. The problem with extra cushion just like other trail running shoes is they become so soft overtime which could make running a little difficult. The EVA perforated foam helps in the stability, support and contour of your feet. Running on rocky terrain becomes easy with its nylon shank.


Many runners would agree that they feel faster and skillful when wearing Patagonia Fore Runner EVO during their trail runs. You have total control on how much power you exert without hurting yourself or losing balance. Other runners find descending on a trail difficult but with Patagonia Fore Runner EVO, it comes naturally. The shoe operates really well for moderate distances. Some runners would say that it does not hold up well on distances beyond 50 miles. It easily adapts to different types of terrain from the road to muddy to rocky. You would feel like a professional and seasoned runner with this pair.

Patagonia Fore Runner EVO is a high quality shoe and is a perfect replacement for your old, thick-soled pair. It might not be a good companion for very long-distance run, it still performs really well compared to other minimalist trail running shoe. Finding the right trail running shoe is not that easy but you could always start your collection with this pair.

You should also note that there is stitching inside the shoe. Just make sure you wear socks with it and you will be fine. Others may say that it is not snug enough around the heel collar while many said that it fits perfectly. This simply shows that your shoe size could be a factor when it comes to fit and comfort. You need to learn on how to get the right size of your feet to avoid any fitting problems during running.

Buy Now: Patagonia Fore Runner EVO (Free Amazon Shipping)

Patagonia Fore Runner EVO is a really good deal for an ideal trail running shoe. Patagonia believes in not only creating functional and high quality shoes but they also help in reducing environmental problems. This is why they used recycled perforated foam. The company donates at least 1% of its sales to support and promote grassroots environmental groups all over the globe. You do not only acquire a great pair of shoe but you are also helping.

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