Pick Up Chicks With Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Of “The Four Hour Work Week” Fame, Tim Ferris talks about his experiences with the Vibram Five Fingers Shoes. He talks about how the Vibram Five Fingers shoes has helped out his posture as well as helped him meet girls!

Some points that Tim Ferris makes in this video:

  • Vibram is a popular company in Italy that makes hiking and other athletic outdoors shoes.
  • He first saw these shoes being used by cross fit athletes.
  • These shoes are similar to climbing shoes.
  • These shoes are used for running and it strengthens all of your shoe.
  • After 2 days, Tim Ferris mentions his posture has improved.
  • If you are hard pressed with starting conversations with girls, this helps.
  • 15 people came up to him in 2 days about these shoes.
  • He also talks about the great Injinji shoes.

For more information on Vibram Five Fingers Shoes, click on the links below:

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