ProForm 14.0 CE Elliptical Review

The ProForm 14.0 CE elliptical review aims to tell you all about this elliptical trainer. Elliptical trainers can help you to exercise in an exciting way. They can keep you motivated via their exciting programs. Considering the ProForm 14.0 CE machine, it can be regarded as being within the precise rear dive series specifically by ProForm. You can expect comfort along with durability from this machine. ProForm specializes within exercise equipment.

ProForm 14.0 CE Elliptical Review


There are some positive points that make one want to get this specific elliptical trainer. This elliptical machine has a console that encompasses an attractive 5 inch kind of backlit LCD, with the amazing Race Track ™ display. In this way it makes it simpler to monitor your workouts also in rooms that are dimly lit. This elliptical is also iPod along with iFit compatible. Nevertheless wireless module as well as iFit membership need to be brought separately. The power adjustable stride is precisely a 10 to 25 degree one that is able to automatically alter your strides shape looking at the specific incline level. You will also get a longer along with adjustable stride due to the 18 inch type of stride length. The pedals are oversized cushioned ones that aim to provide much comfort, traction control plus stability. Its Spacesaver design makes it simple for you to store it and also to move it. You will also get a lifetime warranty that will be on this ellipticals frame.


There are some points that are not too good concerning this elliptical. The incline controls of this elliptical tend to be upon the console of this machine only. You will not get any in-handle control. The foot pedals tend to not be adjustable. There is no heart rate monitor also. The flywheel’s weight of this elliptical has not been stated. There are not many workout programs if you compare it to machines that are cheaper than this. There are also less digital resistance levels in comparison to various machines that are cheaper than this. The larger foot pedals along with more weight capacity allow this trainer to be rather heavy and also tough to fold it up for certain individuals. You will get a precise one-year warranty upon parts as well as labor. This is not very much.

ProForm 14.0 CE Elliptical Review

Coming on to the ProForm 14.0 CE elliptical review, this elliptical has a 5 inch type of backlit screen that has 14 programs. These programs are less in comparison to other trainers within the series, nevertheless more in comparison to various brands. This elliptical has 14 specific digital resistance levels. This machine aims to give you a smooth stride from its power adjustable stride that is from precisely 10 to 25 degrees, its 18 inch type of stride length, along with Silent Magnetic Resistance type of technology. In this way this elliptical tries to give you a natural feeling type of workout.

If you are looking for pedals that are large then you will like this machine that has oversized ones, i.e. 76 inches long and 27 inches wide plus 78 inches tall. In this way they are made so as to give you comfort and also provide traction. You will get basic tracking knowledge upon the console which has speed, time, pulse, distance, plus calories burned, shown. You can use your iPod whilst exercising due to the fact that this elliptical is iPod compatible. The speakers are 2-inch ones. This trainer is also iFit compatible. The exciting iFit live mode employs Google Maps software so as to show areas that are present across the world. You will get 18 workout programs that are built-in. To make you be able to work out more comfortably there is also a workout fan. The flywheel is 20 pounds and also inertia-enhanced so as to give you smooth resistance.

Customer Reviews

A complaint included the fact that iFit Live membership has to be brought on its own, but if you can afford this extra expense then it is great. A customer also said that the ramp is able to rise to precisely 25 degrees, which does not let this customer work out effectively. A complaint concerning this ellipticals fan not being good is also present. It has been said that the fan tends to be loud. A customer claims that the customer service is not good.

Positive reviews can also be seen including the point that this elliptical is built strongly especially considering its price. Its foot pedals are also cushioned in a good way. It has also been stated that this elliptical trainer’s speaker system tends to be really amazing. It is not tough to assemble this elliptical. The resistance is also liked.


Elliptical machines tend to have some benefits which can be very helpful. Some of these are noted above, for instance being able to get an amazing workout when at home. From looking at the ProForm 14.0 CE elliptical review you can see that this elliptical has a lot of comfort as well as safety options. It also has advanced technology which various trainers that cost this much do not have. A huge positive point concerning this elliptical is the fact that it has a lot of exciting customizable options.

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The fact that it has a lot of attractive customizable comfort type of features lets you be able to have a smooth workout type of experience while setting along with monitoring your personal goals that are concerned with your workout. Overall if it is your aim to find an elliptical that is in the category of mid-range cost trainers which is also durable, simple to store as well as quiet, then consider this particular one.

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