Reebok RealFlex – The Perfect Technology for That Perfect Barefoot Feel!

Reebok RealFlex
A lot of people have been trying the au natural way of running or barefoot running sans the shoes. Although it has been raved as “liberating” and actually refreshing for the feet and legs, people would still rather wear minimalist shoes than 3 to 4 blisters on their feet as well as the occasional splinters that get under the sole’s skin. Good thing the ingenious people at Reebok has created the next best thing to running barefoot. The shoe and sports apparel company is breaking into the minimalist running family with Reebok RealFlex as their newest, best barefoot running shoe baby to date!

It has been clear that over the past years, Reebok has been slowly gaining ground as becoming one of the big contenders when it comes to riding and actually stirring the barefoot bandwagon. Now, with their latest technology called RealFlex, the creators of this relatively lightweight running shoes claim that they have not only created a shoe for “natural” running but actually, perfected natural movement! Talk about taking shoes to the next level! The Reebok RealFlex Shoes for Men and Women are engineered to give your feet the flexibility it deserves for it to perform at its natural best and providing you with the benefits of barefoot running while giving total protection to your feet.

The Reebok Realflex promotes natural movement and multi-directional flexibility through 76 strategically arranged RealFlex sensors. These sensors adapt independently to whatever terrain or environment you fancy running on. Not only does it provide tailored protection and uncanny performance, the sole also brings you 20% lower to the ground which is more than what any conventional running shoe can give you. This enables you to feel more natural in your choice of training surface and get a more responsive, natural feel to your run.

These new barefoot baby from Reebok is made with molded PU sockliner that provides uncanny cushioning and extraordinary durability. Comfort is not lost either since the upper design features a classic inspired lightweight combination of mesh underlays and overlays of suede. The bright colors and unique style that the Reebok RealFlex for women can be a great fashion statement on the road for any lady who wants to remain stylish and chic while breaking a sweat.

Powered with 3D Ultralite midsole and outsole unit, the Reebok RealFlex adds multi-directional flexibility that allows the shoe to mimic and mold to the way your feet moves and arches. It’s almost like having no shoe at all! This revolutionary technology and innovation embodies the thought of perfecting natural movement which most people will appreciate from this minimalist shoe.

You do not have to worry about the key wear and tear areas either since the high abrasion rubber caps in the heel and forefoot are highly durable! Truly, with the Reebok RealFlex, you get that great minimalist run without bombarding your feet with blisters and splitting your skin open on rocks! Now, doesn’t that make you feel like going barefoot running all the time?

2 thoughts on “Reebok RealFlex – The Perfect Technology for That Perfect Barefoot Feel!”

  1. Is this a joke? These shoes are about as far from barefoot/minimalist running as you can get. When I tried these shoes on, I couldn’t get them off my feet fast enough.

  2. These real flex shoes by Reebok are awesome !!!! I love being barefoot most of the time and these shoes feel as close to being barefoot. I love them!!! I owm 3 pairs


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