Reebok’s ZigTech Review: Reebok Joining the Barefoot Running Convo?


Reebok’s ZigTech shoe with Football star sponsor Chad Ocho Cinco claims to be the “energy drink for your feet”. Cool tag line but does the performance and comfort really live up to the hype? Here’s a quick commericial of the new stylish Reebox shoes:

Reebok’s ZigTech shoes has been compared to various barefoot running shoes like the Nike Free 5.0 V4’s and even the Vibram Five Fingers. This may be due to the fact that both those shoes are often talked about as great CrossFit shoes.

With popular athletes such as Peyton Manning, Chad Ochocinco, Santonio Holmes, David Ortiz, Allen Iverson and many more who supposedly train in these shoes, its no wonder the ZigTech shoes have caught the attention of CrossFitters.

To me the shoes look like they provide great traction and provide extra “bounce” when you run and train but the claim that they are designed to transfer energy horizontally along the zigs sound more gimmicky than anything else.

The look of the shoe is pretty unique and scored high on the style scale (although many consider them to be ugly…). The fact that many athletes are openly talking about the shoe and promoting it helps it’s image as well.

The extra bounce and padding/shock absorption of the shoe makes the shoe anti barefoot running if you ask me. A Softer shoe isn’t always the better shoe when trying to prevent injuries.

Reebok is great at marketing and creating relationships with popular athletes and celebrities that help promote the shoe. But the fact that the Jersey Shoe cast members can also be seen with the shoes makes me think twice about buying the shoes just for look and style. To see all the latest ZigTech shoes, go here.


Truth be told, I haven’t personally tried them yet so I can’t talk too much trash on the actual performance and comfort of the shoes. So hey Reebok, if you want us to do a more thorough review, send us a pair!

To purchase your own ZigTech Shoes, first look at all the crazy styles here.

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  1. I have these (ZigNanos)…they don’t say anything about being a “barefoot” style?

    You should review the Reebok RealFlex. That’s their version of the Nike Free barefoot running shoe. It’s in some stores, but there’s not even information on the Reebok website yet they’re so new.


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