Rejoice! New Shipment of FiveFingers Available

this is probably how the shipment of vff's arrived to Travel Country

Act fast people!  We just got word from Travel Country that a new shipment has arrived at their warehouse and the shoes are dying to jump out of their boxes and onto your feet.  It still amazes me how fast these shoes end up going.

If you couldn’t find your size or color that you wanted, or were  hesitating to buy, now is your chance.  In a week all the normal sizes and colors will be purchased and you’ll be left in the dust with no FiveFingers on your feet.

Here’s the lowdown on what Travel Country has to offer you (this is directly lifted from the email that Travel Country sent us):

If you did the math you’d know exactly how many new pairs of FiveFingers Travel Country received…a grand total of 1,185 pairs!  Or Vibram  11,850 Fingers (one pair of Vibram FiveFingers has 10 fingers)!  As always Travel Country offers free shipping on orders over $70 and as such (since VFF’s are over that price) you should be able to save yourself shipping and potentially sales tax (depending on where you live).  You can check out Travel Country for more details.

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