Salomon Fellraiser Barefoot Shoes Review

Conclusion from our Salomon Fellraiser Barefoot Shoes Review: this is tops. If you have no experience in buying trail running shoes or you have not owned one before, Salomon Fellraiser is a good way to start. Buying a pair of running shoes for trail could be tricky and even difficult. With so many kinds, brands and models to choose it is hard even to make a simple list. But if you are looking for a high-quality product which could sustain long distance running, Salomon Fellraiser is the best choice. Salomon brand has been known as one of the leading creator of the best footwear in the industry. Choosing this brand would never leave you disappointed.

Salomon has integrated the most advanced technology in footwear. They have been in the lookout for the right choices to make in constructing well-designed and functional footwear. The Fellraiser has exceeded many people’s expectations as it proves to be the must-have trail running shoe.

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In trail running, comfort is everything. It dictates on what kind of shoes to wear. It could even make or break one’s day. Salomon Fellraiser treats comfort as something that defines its overall performance. Runners love the feel and comfort of Salomon Fellraiser. It has enough cushioning that provides protection and mobility especially, running on technical trails. Conquering long-distance runs comes easy and smooth with the Fellraiser. Just make sure that you secure the shoelaces tight enough to experience a continuous run.


Runners are giving the Salomon Fellraiser barefoot running shoes two thumbs-up with its performance level. It could easily maneuver in different kinds of terrain. Descending trails is never a problem with this pair as it grips securely on the ground and allows you to increase your agility and control. Its comfort brings out the confidence in you. Being a low-profile trail shoe gives a close-to-the-ground feel which connects you to the ground and bumps up your power to run. It openly accommodates trails of varying conditions with ease. From muddy trails to rocky surfaces to water crossings, Salomon Fellraiser beats them all in one run.


The Salomon Fellraiser minimalist shoe is as durable as it looks because of the materials used. First impression certainly lasts with this pair. It looks tough and it feels firm yet comfortable during running. Since this is a trail shoe, Salomon Fellraiser is expected to last long and to withstand long distances. This pair of shoe could successfully withstand time and trail. Its contragrip traction outsole ensures that you have a good grip all throughout the duration of your run. Its tread is well-patterned which makes it easier for mud, leaves and dirt to fall right away. It is built with a breathable mesh that not protects your feet from moist and water but it also provides enough circulation of air. Its EVA foams molds the contour of your feet perfectly to increase support, stability and control. Its rubber sole unifies the design and it stands as a strong foundation.


When it comes to footwear designs, Salomon Fellraiser is one of the best-looking and attractive trail running shoe in the market today. Many runners are drawn to its variety of color schemes – from tone down and casual ones to bright and vibrant hues. Just because mud and dried leaves are a constant companion during trail running, you do not have to limit yourself in running in style. The conceptualization of the shoe’s design is not merely to increase its market value but it also serves as a reminder that there has been a big change in style for footwear. Neutral colors are not always the safest choice. Be the envy of your trail running mates as you navigate the road and the trail fashionably.

For a great pair of shoes, this surely is a good deal. With its reasonable price, you get a lot of benefits from it and this includes improving your way of running. Many runners have attested that Salomon Fellraiser brings out their courage and confidence even when running on unfamiliar and challenging grounds. This shoe is built to accommodate aggressive runners who like to take up long distances without feeling shortchanged by their footwear. It is lightweight and is well-cushioned that add to your speed, agility and control which are important aspects to this kind of thrill.

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Salomon has always been a trusted and reliable footwear brand. Salomon Fellraiser did not fail the high expectations of many runners. In fact, it even surpasses all their speculations and assumptions. Overall, the Salomon Fellraiser barefoot running shoe is a good choice for newbie or seasoned trail runners. Balance, comfort, stability and control are all packed in one sitting. This is what sets apart Salomon Fellraiser from other trail running shoes. So whenever you are in doubt on what pair to buy as your first or lifetime trail running shoe then go ahead and choose the minimalist Salomon Fellraiser barefoot shoe. You know and you could feel that you are making the right choice.