Saucony Hattori – Zero-Drop, Ultra Lightweight and Extremely Durable New Trainers

Minimalist runners, it’s time to get excited this Fall 2011 with the arrival of the Saucony Hattori!

The Saucony Hattori is bringing a new minimal shoe that aims to change and elevate the way barefoot runners look and feel as they plough through every trail. No more trying to worry about debris or missteps. Barefoot running greenhorns can definitely enjoy their first minimalist run with this up and coming genius of a design.

Saucony Hattori is providing the new generation of runners the innovation of lightweight shoes while at the same time not overlooking the need for style and fashion. It’s the latest fad when it comes to being active and healthy! Running has never been this easier or sexier! Already pegged as the “holy grail” of minimal running, the 4.4 oz running shoe boasts of the zero-heel to toe drop that can really provide those who are about to transition into barefoot running the perfect vehicle to start a healthy lifestyle on.

The most anticipated shoes in the line up for 2011 are the Hattori Men and Hattori Women minimal running shoes. The Hattori shoe will probably be the most minimal model of the Saucony line and one of the greater contenders to other smaller brands trying to break into the minimalist’s products. For the eager minimalist runners, the Hattori features a 10 mm height and a 4.5 oz weight if your size is 9.0. This is quite a shoe up from other minimalist running shoes available today. The Hattori Women however is a tad lighter with a 3.8 oz weight for a size of 8.0.

This minimal shoe features a new take on the term “lacing up” because instead of the usual laces, two Velcro straps secure the foot to give you a more customized fit. With the midsole compressed and moulded EVA and the outsole carrying the patented, hard wearing carbon rubber compound, XT-900, the shoe withstands beautifully against wear and tear especially along the most prone areas. Again, not overlooking fashion, the upper is highly flexible and showcases overlays of suede with exoskeleton lockdowns and ultra-lite mesh that come in different color combination.

However, the Hattori has something unusual about its exterior. You will notice that the sole is a combination of two different rubbers set in different locations. There are small pockets of rubber in most of the sole while another stronger looking rubber is placed conveniently under the big toe and right behind the big toe on the forefoot. The reason for these is these areas are where the forefoot striker pushes off with most force therefore to prolong its life span, Saucony covered these parts with stronger sole material.

All in all, you can be guaranteed that Saucony has given much thought on the Hattori shoe line. The designers of this company have deeply looked into the complaints and comments of their avid followers and have concocted the right shoe with the extreme sole that any minimalist runner can put much mileage on without having to worry about wear and tear!

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