Saucony Peregrine Minimalist Trail Shoe Review

In this Saucony Peregrine Minimalist Trail Shoe Review we came away very impressed. It was in 2011 when the Saucony brand decided to introduce Saucony Peregrine, after the success of its Saucony Kinvara, to many trail running shoe enthusiasts. Trail runners especially, started falling in love with Sauony Peregrine because it provides them all their needs and wants for a shoe. It proves to be a very appealing and practical pair for those who are looking for functionality rather than the overall design alone. Saucony Peregrine trail shoe exhibits beauty, power, stability, protection and flexibility. All these criteria are rated with high scores because it is simply created to navigate all types of trails without problems.

This Saucony Peregrine trail shoe review will give you not just a glimpse but a load of information to know about this pair. If you have switched to minimalist trail running shoes for your great adventures outdoor then the Saucony Peregrine is a must have.

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Minimalist Trail Shoe Performance

Trail runners have been very impressed with how Saucony Peregrine performs on different terrains and surfaces. This minimalist trail shoe is constructed well not just to provide ultimate protection while running but it allows runners to be more flexible in conquering even the most difficult and challenging trails. What amazes runners the most with Saucony Peregrine is its versatility. It can be used as your everyday running shoe on the road and still experience its maximum support and control. You will feel that even on roads, the shoe still performs without fail and you can feel the easiness and comfort while running. Even for long distance runs, expect a great performance because this is engineered to last long and overcome various external conditions.


Many trail running shows these days have truly changed big time not only with the design concept but also on how your feet feel during running. Saucony Peregrine has seen the significance of having a wider toebox. This gives them enough room for their toes to spread out during impact on the ground. This highly prevents discomfort and pain during running and allows you to experience a barefoot feel. Indeed, it is truly a minimalist shoe. Saucony Peregrine is designed with a mesh synthetic upper with a synthetic webbing which add to its functionality. The materials used protects your feet and at the same time, gives you total support and stability. Its oval laces and gussetted tongue prevents the accumulation of grit, dirt or mud. Though it is normal for the shoes to get dirty and all muddy, Saucony Peregrine tries to keep this condition in minimum. Its heel collar has a secure fit, well-cushioned area which increases your movement and lessens possible irritation and blisters. Saucony Peregrine has proved to be a worthy buy since it literally withstand even during cold weather. It provides warmth which you seldom find in many trail running shoes. This pair is conceptualized with great ingenuity as it focuses mainly on its functionality in a whole.


Saucony Peregrine has a 4mm heel drop which maximizes the runners agility and performance even on technical trails. Its well-padded interior provides ultimate comfort from the heel to forefoot which is a necessity for long distance runs. At the heel area, the insole is a little bit raised. This is to ensure that while you are running, your heel is supported well to avoid any injuries. Other runners choose not to use any insole because it is still smooth and comfortable even without it. Its insole adds weight to the shoe but it does not restricts your mobility and flexibility.


Saucony Peregrine is coined as a rugged, low-drop trail shoe. It is a perfect choice for rugged terrains and even for road running. It adapts well to any conditions without compromising its performance and the runners agility. Thanks to its well-patterned lugs. Unlike other trail running shoes, Saucony Peregrine’s lugs are not too big and sharp so running dirt and on rocky terrain is never a problem. The lugs and ridges are made of carbon rubber compound which makes the shoe durable. The outer material is integrated well on the overall design of the shoe which unifies it and improves the runner’s power and agility.

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The Saucony Peregrine barefoot shoe is definitely a must have for all trail runners out there. They are truly made for your outdoor adventure like trail running yet still functions really well even on road running. Others choose this pair for their marathon races because it has proved to be well-equipped with all the necessities needed during a run. It gives enough cushioning for long run and at the same time provide protection and flexibility. Its versatility is what makes Saucony Peregrine the top choice or the only choice for many trail runners. Saucony Peregrine aims to improve and add convenience to running. If trail or road running is your passion, get the Saucony Peregrine barefoot shoe.

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