Say Hello to Vibram Treksport

It amazes me how Vibram comes out with shoes so quickly. Just last year there were only 4 models of FiveFingers: Classic, Flow, Sprint. and KSO. A year later, now there are close to over 9 different Vibram models! Some only available in the United States, some only available in the United Kingdom. We wanted to draw your attention to one of the new ones, the Vibram FiveFingers Treksport.

So what is the Treksport? The best way to describe the Treksport is the lovechild of the KSOTrek and the Bikila. It combines the best qualities of both. It has the KSO Trek’s durability and ruggedness combined with the comfort of the Bikila.

Like all KSO shoes the Treksport features the same mesh upper and signature velcro strap to keep your foot snug and “keep stuff out.” If you have a Classic like me you know how annoying it is to stop ┬árunning to empty out the junk that’s collected in the shoes. Not a fun experience. Luckily the Treksport prevents debris from getting in.

The Treksport’s Bikila DNA gives it more support than other FiveFingers. It has a special 4mm plated midsole which increases protection from stones and other debris while running. It also has features a cleated pattern to increase traction when running.

Our friends at Fitness Footwear (UK based store) had this to say about the Treksport when they reviewed:

Vibram says that the Treksport is suitable for light trekking, climbing, bouldering, running, fitness and travelling. We feel that these would be great for all manner of sports and outdoor pursuits, but where they’ll really excel is off the beaten track…The Treksport is definitely suited to the great outdoors.

By mating the qualities of two great shoes together the Treksport is a great addition to the FiveFingers lineup. It’s a fitting shoe for anyone looking to get a little more support, protection, and traction for running in any environment.

To learn more check out our Treksport shoe pages:

If you love in the United States you are in luck since they are on sale here.. However if you are in Europe or the UK you’ll have to wait until Spring of 2011. If you have friends in the US maybe you can convince them to send you a pair!

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