Scott Welle on Barefoot Running

Great video by Scott Welle on barefoot running and how he eased into it. I especially like the part where he shares how he transitioned to barefoot running. After reading Chris McDougall’s ‘Born to Run’, he switched to using the Vibram Five Fingers. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, your feet take time to get used to running barefoot after having always worn padded shoes. Scott started by running barefoot only 10 minutes a day, and gradually trained his feet to run barefeet longer distances, for longer periods of time.

He also shares a great tip to help you determine whether your feet are ready to run barefoot: try to stand one-legged barefoot with your eyes closed for at least 30 seconds. This activates the same feet muscles you use when running barefoot – in fact, this is a great exercise you can practise on your own to train your feet muscles.

2 thoughts on “Scott Welle on Barefoot Running”

  1. Great info on this site and thanks for posting the vid!

    Should be noted – last paragraph should read 30 secs instead of 30 minutes. If you can stand on one leg with your eyes closed for 30 minutes…I’ll be SERIOUSLY impressed 🙂



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