Sockwa G3 Review and Video

For those who want to see the Sockwa G3 in action, here are two videos that review the Sockwa G3 and show you first hand how they will look on your feet.

Sockwa is all about thin sole technology. Sockwa uses plastic instead of rubber for their sole, so enabling it to be only 1.2mm thick – this also allows us to feel our muscles fully, and maintain good balance. Plastic holds up better than rubber when it comes to abrasion and wetslip. You can see from the video that this plastic allows you to get really great stretch (watch him stretch out the shoe fully) without any deformation of the sole. This enables different-shape feet to go into the shoe wihtout feeling any discomfort.

Their tagline is that Sockwa is crushable, machine-washable, durable. Now available in 8 colors, 6 sizes!

Another video of the Sockwa in action – watch how this Sockwa user flexes his foot, and observe how easy it is to put on and remove this barefoot shoe. You can see the texture of the shoes and how they will fit on your feet when you run barefoot.

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