Sockwa Giveaway Contest Winners

Alright folk! Today is the big day. The day we announce the winners of the Sockwa Giveaway Contest where we are giving away 3 pairs of Sockwa shoes. Rather than just list off 3 random names that we might have just pre-selected we wanted to be more transparent with our contest. We filmed and uploaded the actual drawing. Check out the video below to see the “live” drawing and to see if you might have won.

For those who don’t want to watch the video here’s how we did the contest. We wrote down on separate pieces of paper the first name and first initial of people’s last names and threw them into an actual hat (see picture above). Then we pulled out one name for each different Sockwa shoe prize.  Overall we had 43 contestants.

Below are the winners for each pair of shoes. We’ll contact you or if you have questions feel free to contact us at

winners of barefoot sockwa contest

Sockwa Dojo Shoes Winner

Projekt B.

Sockwa Playa Shoes Winner

John C.

Sockwa Amphibian Shoes Winner

Diana T.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for all who entered and thanks especially to Sockwa who made this contest possible. For those who didn’t win stay tuned as we’re planning to run more contests in the future.

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