Sockwa Amphibian

Beach buffs and beach athletes now have more reason to love the sun, sand and water with the rise of Sockwa Shoes – the closest thing you can get to being in touch with the ground. If you want a pair of shoes that could be used on land or in water, Sockwa Amphibian is the right shoes for you! Amphibian is a versatile footwear that is great for both indoor and outdoor use and a whole bunch of activities such as driving, gardening, boating, river crossing, camping, barefoot running and trekking.

The Sockwa Amphibian features a thin 1mm Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) anti-slip sole. The form fitting uppers are made of a stretchable material that nicely fits your feet like a sock. The 2010 Amphibian collection comes in a wide range of colors to choose from – black, olive, red, orange, pink, blue and nude.

More and more beach soccer and volleyball players as well as non-athletes who have a taste for comfortable barefoot shoes are finding Sockwa footwear highly flexible and comfortable. You too can start treading the earth lightly with the lightest soles. Grab your own pair of Sockwa Amphibian shoes now.

Sockwa Amphibian’s sizing is small so better go for a half size to one size bigger for a more comfortable fit.

Don’t forget to read our Sockwa FAQ  section before purchasing.

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