Sockwa Dojo

Nothing beats an all-around indoor barely there shoes than Sockwa Dojo. Still boasting of the unique Sockwa trademark, Dojo is the most minimalist Sockwa shoes and was designed to respond to the needs of all indoor activities such as yoga, pilates, meditation and even just lounging around the house.

Dojo’s very thin sole, a 0.5mm silicone rubber, enhances the balance the body needs for movement-intensive indoor activities. The upper is made of materials that provides both flexibility and comfort. The neoprene material stretches with every movement. The amarra highlight on the other hand gives the shoe its stylish look. The materials used are highly breathable that it does not lock moisture inside the shoes.

Sockwa Dojo is available in 8 colors. Enjoy your day in the house and grab your own pair of Sockwa Dojo now!

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