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Nothing beats an all-around indoor barely there shoes than Sockwa Dojo. Still boasting of the unique Sockwa trademark, Dojo is the most minimalist Sockwa shoes and was designed to respond to the needs of all indoor activities such as yoga, pilates, meditation and even just lounging around the house.

Dojo’s very thin sole, a 0.5mm silicone rubber, enhances the balance the body needs for movement-intensive indoor activities. The upper is made of materials that provides both flexibility and comfort. The neoprene material stretches with every movement. The amarra highlight on the other hand gives the shoe its stylish look. The materials used are highly breathable that it does not lock moisture inside the shoes.

Sockwa Dojo is available in 8 colors. Enjoy your day in the house and grab your own pair of Sockwa Dojo now!

Sockwa Dojo Testimonials


Great exercise shoes!
Was curious about the Dojo when I saw a friend using it during one of our yoga sessions. She bragged that it really felt great that I also got one for myself. Boy was I glad I did! The Dojo gives great balance and they’re really flexible!. I don’t think I’ll ever want to use other kinds of shoes for yoga now apart from the Dojos.
Michelle Stylish and amazing for pilates and yoga!
I got a pair of the Sockwa Dojo shoes and they have totally changed the way I work out! Not only are these shoes super stylish, but they are also amazing for pilates and yoga. They are so comfortable, they feel like a second skin, so I still get the sensation of being barefoot without my feet slipping on the mat! I highly recommend these shoes for any fashonista who does Yoga and/or Pilates.
Believe it or not I am completely obsessed with these cute Dojo shoes.
Although the company sells them as an indoor shoe, I think I finally found the perfect beach shoes; light soft, cute and yes sexy!

I loved them so much that I bought two extra pairs, one pink one blue. But these babies are also perfect for yoga , ballet, Pilates even for the gym!

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