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Sockwa G2 Columbia 2011

Product Description

Imagine walking so close to the earth that you feel like you’re walking barefoot. Couple that with the feeling of barely there shoes and you can truly say that you are treading lightly. Now you can get this extremely minimal feel from the all new Sockwa G2 line made for the true minimalist / barefoot enthusiast!

Sockwa and its creators design their products by improving the way people feel the ground with their ultra thin sole technology. It does not matter if you’re walking indoors or outdoors, you get the protection of a reliable shoe without the bulkiness or the weight of the material.

Now, coming out with their new innovative product, the Columbia Sockwa G2 feels like a second skin rather than a synthetic encasing of your foot. The G2 retains and improves on the things that people love about the original Sockwa shoes as it combines the comfortable Lo-Cut Upper of the Playa with the Amphibian sole. It is made with flexible upper and sole with a 2.8 mm of cushion in the front and back. This improves the balance and feel of the shoes. It is fleece lined on the inside which gives the wearer that sock-like experience. Having one of the thinnest soles in the planet with only a 1.2 mm TPU sole, Sockwa G2 merely weighs 2.4 to 3.5 oz. depending on the shoe size.

The Sockwa G2 is the easiest type of shoe you can slip on to. It has flexible plastic sole for improved wear and slip over like a typical rubber soles. You can also have a whole lot of choices when it comes to color so anybody who wants to be stylish will not be bereft of a pair to mix and match with one’s favorite outfit.

Crushable, Washable, and Durable, the Sockwa G2 was built for your feet!

Sockwa G2 Testimonials

Attilio Angellotti Incredible improvement to Amphibian
I wore the G2 for some weeks and my first impressions were right:

an incredible improvement respect to a already wonderful product like the Amphibian.

The G2 are awesome, they fit like gloves, they are much more flexible, they need no break-in time; what other to say?

Dean Klotz The new G2s are amazing on your feet!

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