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Beach buffs and beach athletes now have more reason to love the sun, sand and water with the rise of Sockwa Shoes – the closest thing you can get to being in touch with the ground. Sockwa Playa is Sockwa’s original shoe line since 2007. Designed for beach athletes, Sockwa has expanded their Playa line to include the Playa Lo-Cut, Playa High-Top and the AVP Playa High-Top.

Sockwa has enhanced the Playa shoe line with inner fleece sole and used an extra-stretchy Lycra for its uppers. The Sockwa Playa is perfectly ideal for a casual game of beach soccer as well as for scuba, reef snorkeling, bodyboarding and even for just a romantic stroll down the beach.

More and more beach soccer and volleyball players as well as non-athletes who have a taste for comfortable barefoot shoes are finding Sockwa footwear highly flexible and comfortable. You too can start treading the earth lightly with the lightest soles. Grab your own pair of Sockwa Playa shoes now.

Sockwa Playa Testimonials

MomsBestBet Most comfortable and sexy beach shoe in the world!
The Pink Playa is a much thinner and flexible shoe with cutting edge engineering and avant-garde SoCal design, the original Sockwa Playa Lo-Cut has blossomed into the most comfortable and sexy beach shoe in the world. It is light enough to wear around the house but protective enough to wear to the beach as well. The Playa is my favorite for comfort, fit, and style!.
FMWalker I used these great water socks for my pool physical therapy after my spinal surgeries. These socks have a wonderful non-skid bottom and fit like a glove. Unlike many of the other non-skid socks that other surgery patients were wearing in the pool, these socks did not retain a lot of water once leaving the pool. I would recommend these water socks to anyone who is looking for a great non-skid bottom, great fit and wear-ability.

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