Soft Star Shoes RunAmoc Video Fun

Last time we talked about Soft Star Shoes we were sharing with you guys our first impression of the RunAmoc shoes that we received.  In that post we put in a video of myself wearing the RunAmoc Chocolate shoe and moving around a little (so this way you guys could get an idea how the shoe looked and moved in the flesh).  Here’s that video:

To be honest, it wasn’t the most exciting video so I put myself to the challenge of trying to spicy it up.  I didn’t want to shoot more footage so instead the challenge was to spice it up using only the 30 seconds of footage I had taken previously.  Like all good spicy videos you need good music.  So thanks to Garbage I was able to make the 30 second video into one minute of pure spicy barefoot shoe goodness.  Feast your eyes on this.

Let us know what you think of my masterpiece.  Feel free to ridicule, mock, or even praise…