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Soft Star Shoes has been a bright star in the field of custom-made barefoot running shoes for over 25 years. Now, they have far exceeded themselves with the ultra comfy and flexible RunAmoc – Chocolate.

RunAmoc running shoes feature an ultra soft upper that’s made of genuine leather that is formaldehyde free.  The solid suede uppers give your feet extra warmth for those in colder climates or who just like warm feet.  Soft Star’s RunAmoc also has a wide toe box that gives your toes the space to grip and spread freely.

All Soft Star Shoes allow customization. Depending on your preference, this lightweight shoes’ weight can range from 5.6 oz to 8.7 oz. You can opt for either a trail (5mm) or a street (2mm) outsole that can be made with genuine Vibram sole or durable rubber Sof-Touch sole.

The integrated lace or elastic ankle closure can be adjusted so that the shoes can fit snugly on your feet regardless of terrain that. The sizes of RunAmoc shoes are slightly bigger than that of the other Soft Star Shoes models. So when you find yourself in doubt about the perfect shoe size, go for the smaller size.

RunAmoc – Chocolate Testimonials

Oregon, USA

I have to say it’s an absolute blast to run in these.
I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I figured the shoes would fall right off, or would slide around so bad inside that I (would) blister, etc. But I was wrong. They’re a hoot to run in. I’ve gradually moved to using them on a treadmill, to flat trail, to hilly trail, to the hilliest, muddiest, steepest trails in town; and I have to say it’s an absolute blast to run in these.
Very comfortable and flexible. I highly recommend the RunAmoc!
I was excited to try out my RunAmoc. At first, I thought it might be a little loose given its design. But it proved to have a really good grip. The upper is really very comfortable and the adjustable laces solved the problem of the sore heels that I got from the constant rubbing with the inner seams. I find the soles more flexible than the Osmas though it does get wet easily. Overall, I highly recommend the RunAmoc.

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RunAmoc shoes are hand 100% made in the USA.

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