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Soft Star Shoes has been a bright star in the field of custom-made barefoot running shoes for over 25 years. Now, they have far exceeded themselves with the ultra comfy and flexible RunAmoc – Lite Black.

The RunAmoc Lite running shoes feature an ultra soft ventilated upper that’s made of genuine leather (formaldehyde free). The material is perforated with hundreds of miniscule hoes that enable air to pass through and keep the feet dry either with or without socks. ¬†Soft Star’s RunAmoc has a wide toe box that gives your toes the space to grip and spread freely.

All Soft Star Shoes allow customization. Depending on your preference, this lightweight shoes’ weight can range from 5.6 oz to 8.7 oz. You can opt for either a trail (5mm) or a street (2mm) outsole that can be made with genuine Vibram sole or durable rubber Sof-Touch sole.

The integrated lace or elastic ankle closure can be adjusted so that the shoes can fit snugly on your feet regardless of terrain that. The sizes of RunAmoc shoes are slightly bigger than that of the other Soft Star Shoes models. So when you find yourself in doubt about the perfect shoe size, go for the smaller size.

RunAmoc – Lite Black Testimonials


Durable and comfortable shoes
For a custom-made shoes with 100% of their materials and creation in the USA, I say Soft Star Shoes’ price point is just right. Aside from the fact that it’s comfortable to run in, it’s also durable given that my RunAmoc trail shoes still looks good and performs very well after I have run more than 200 miles with it.
Leila, I just love it!
I bought the Soft Star RunAmoc mocassin and I just love it! It’s so easy to slip on and it has a great toe box where I can splay out my toes and wiggle them to my heart’s content. Also, these cool mocs are lightweight and well ventilated.
San Jose, California
I’ve heard nothing but good things about RunAmoc!
I’ve heard nothing but good things about RunAmoc’s which was why I decided to get one for myself and boy I’m glad I did! A few of the things I love about these shoes are they’re roomy and very comfortable to run in. It has excellent traction. In comparison to my VFFs, I like the RunAmoc Lite’s soles better than the VFFs molded arch. On the flip side, it does not dry as quickly as my VFFs, however, it does not retain as much smell which is also a plus.

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RunAmoc Lite shoes are hand 100% made in the USA.

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