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Soft Star Shoes has been a bright star in the field of custom-made barefoot running shoes for over 25 years. Now, they have far exceeded themselves with the ultra comfy and flexible RunAmoc – Lite Red.

The RunAmoc Lite running shoes feature an ultra soft ventilated upper that’s made of genuine leather (formaldehyde free). The material is perforated with hundreds of miniscule hoes that enable air to pass through and keep the feet dry either with or without socks. Soft Star’s RunAmoc has a wide toe box that gives your toes the space to grip and spread freely.

All Soft Star Shoes allow customization. Depending on your preference, this lightweight shoes’ weight can range from 5.6 oz to 8.7 oz. You can opt for either a trail (5mm) or a street (2mm) outsole that can be made with genuine Vibram sole or durable rubber Sof-Touch sole.

The integrated lace or elastic ankle closure can be adjusted so that the shoes can fit snugly on your feet regardless of terrain. The sizes of RunAmoc shoes are slightly bigger than that of the other Soft Star Shoes models. So when you find yourself in doubt about the perfect shoe size, go for the smaller size.

RunAmoc – Lite Red Testimonials


It feels as close to barefoot as any shoe!
I love the width. The wide toe box makes it feel as close to barefoot as any shoe. It’s also very easy to put on or remove plus it’s super comfortable and the soles are really flexible (I have a 2mm outsole). I love the color too! Glad I decided to go for RunAmoc Lite Red.
Colin, They were magnificent!
Just got a pair that I think may be too big. I was right between a 10 and 11 per the sizing chart but closer to 11 so I went with that. In general terms they are too big. When I walk or run my heel slides to the back and there is at least a half inch between my toes and the front of the sole. Walking around at first they felt floppy as well. I had a hard time with how much my foot moved in them.

I was going to exchange them but couldn’t resist trying them out. They were magnificent! The extra material in the front (odd as it sounds) didn’t hinder me at all. In fact I think it was a benefit. I can’t explain exactly why. They performed really well even in technical downhills. Once I got used to the different feel of wearing a moccasin of this type ( I usually run in VFF’s) it was an incredible running experience. A very different kind of freedom and experience than the VFF’s. In any case I am stoked!

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RunAmoc Lite shoes are hand 100% made in the USA.

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