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The new Soft Star Moc3 shoes are Mike Friton’s newest baby this 2011. Keeping his thought on pampering your feet, the new shoes protect and promote healthy, natural foot work while doing your ordinary day to day activities.

The Moc3 is exceptionally flexible, soft and provides ultimate ground feel because of its patterned foot bed. With the wide toe box, you can be guaranteed a comfortable walk or run without having to worry about scrunching your toes. The shoe itself will feel as if you are wearing nothing since the shoe is lightweight enough to weigh less than 5oz.

The simple but foot healthy design features Breathe-O Prene® liners which can wick moisture away as well as dust and dirt, keeping your feet feeling perfectly clean and snugly comfortable as its 4-way stretch hug your foot with perforated leather uppers for breathability. Of course, you do not have to worry about your feet getting wet and since it is odor resistant, you are guaranteed that fresh feel!

Truly, the Moc3 is especially designed with your feet’s comfort and safety in mind. You don’t have to worry about having to lug around lumpy shoes because the Moc3 sports 2mm Genuine Vibram® soles. This shoe protects your feet but at the same time reflective strips keep YOU safe so you can jog, run, hike and jump; be it day or night time!

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Soft Star Shoes Moc3 Testimonials

Richard Averett I look forward to trying them. Haven’t tried the others, but the Moc3 seems like it would be as much fun to run in as my Treks.
Greg One of my favorite features with these mocs is how easy they were to get on and off. Usually when I’m heading out for a run, I’m carrying my keys and a water bottle and maybe the trash to bring out as well, so it was very nice to be able to just yank them on one-handed. Again, I really love the way these mocs feel on the foot and loved how they would stretch to accommodate the foot’s movement.
Drew A magnificent minimalist running shoe! This is the lightest shoe I’ve ever had on my feet. They are so quick to put on, I can see they will be great everyday shoes.

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MOC3 shoes are 100% handmade in the USA.

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