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Barefoot Running News: Skeptics, Skeptics and the Battle with ADD
by PINKY on JANUARY 21, 2011[EDIT]
Great news for greenhorn barefoot running enthusiasts! More information that you want to know about the ongoing debate over anything that is barefoot running! Read on and form your own opinions about it!

The Pros and Cons Of Barefoot Running: Which Outweighs The Other In Your Opinion?

Barefoot running shoe manufacturers pitch their latest barefoot shoe in the market saying that “the human foot, unimpeded by synthetic surfaces and restrictive running shoes, should function at its best.” Well, this statement has been continuously hounded by skeptics and doctors alike.

Runners base their opinions about these barely-there shoes with their experience running with it. But, for those on the verge of wanting to try it out first, you might want to know what both sides of the playing field are talking about. READ ABOUT IT HERE!

Attention Deficit Disorder Battle Leads To Barefoot Running Discovery!

Michael Sandler has been battling with ADD ever since but that did not stop him from discovering and writing about barefoot running. Barefoot Running: How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth. The book and give tips to people with barefoot running aspirations on how to improve stride, avoid injury and really impress other people (find more barefoot running books).

If you do want to learn how to begin your barefoot running career and learn more about what this book is all about, READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Skepticism and the Vibram 5 Fingers: What’s Your Take?

Boston Globe reporter David Abel shares his experience with the Vibram 5 Fingers as he takes it for a dry run in the Jamaican Plain. Whether this makes a believer or not out of somebody who is new to barefoot running is totally up to you!

Good or bad news- is still news! And to better provide you with unbiased and unabridged info on barefoot running, read more about Reporter Shares His Barefoot Running Skepticism!

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