The Most Popular Newton Running Shoes

newton running shoes

The Newton Running Shoes, a shoe known to be well designed for runners. The thought of barefoot running inspired the making of Newton Running Shoes. Its shock absorber helps the greater energy to return while promoting the natural and more efficient forefoot strike of barefoot running.

Just like when you have a session of barefoot running, the comfort and strength this shoe can give you is reasonable enough to help you decide on being a Newton Running Shoe Convert upon trying one of these on. Most runners anticipate on using the Newton Running shoes for a faster and more efficient way of running. The following are the five most popular Newton Running Shoes and they are in no particular order:

  • DISTANCE U– A ladies shoe with classy yet spunky look. The hot pink with a mix of yellow colors make it more appealing to women to include it on their ‘must have’ Christmas and shopping list. But do not be fooled with the girly facade because this shoe is also known for its performance, speed and distance. This HOT shoe is well designed in a super light race specific profile that assists in keeping up a fast paced running form. The Newton’s Action Reaction Technology in its forefoot is one good asset of this shoe. The advanced rear-foot design that make the most of forward motion and propulsion and adds to the best possible running form.
  • DISTANCE SThe mix of yellow (dominant color) and red colors of this shoe makes it attractive. I must say it is stands out in my eyes. This shoe is particularly designed for good performance, speed and distance. With ultra light race specific profile and has a support post to help counter early and late stage of pronation. This shoe has a light weight stability shoe and long distance racer type of personality. An avid runner and Newton Running Shoe enthusiast, Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander used Distance S to record his fastest marathon split for 2:45. Crowie won the 2008 Ironman World Championship.  All he can say about the Newton Distance S is that it helped him to maintain a proficient running form in hard conditions and allowed him to keep on running fast even when fatigue set in.
  • NEWTON GRAVITY TRAINER One of the most popular so far among the Newton Running shoes. The combination of red (dominant color) and silver color of the shoe made a strong and tough impression. The springy design in the forefoot is great for a faster run. I consider this shoe Newton’s top of the line neutral performance trainer. This shoe specializes in midfoot running, encouraging us to fall forward with each step, and imitating the mechanics of barefoot running. Because the Gravity is quite stiff, the cushioned forefoot and low-to-the-ground heel requires the running to more training time for a proper and good run. The weight (9.4 oz) of this shoe is closer to racing flats than daily trainers. A very light weight trainers indeed!
  • LADY ISAAC WOMEN’S TRAINERThe mixed white, green, orange, red and silver color makes this one look classy and clean. This shoe provides a smart control for any foot type. If you are a runner who wants to improve you’re running form with an efficient midfoot-forefoot running method, The Lady Isaac would be a perfect pick for you!
  • SIR ISAAC GUIDANCE TRAINER A mix of orange, white and silver color also makes it look clean. A shoe for intelligent control in all foot types. This shoe has a beveled heel and toe that helps guide runners easily into the midfoot or forefoot. The carbon rubber outersole helps in increasing durability. You can be confident to say that this shoe is highly breathable, fast drying and closed mesh.

Whichever shoes we choose, the important thing is that it fits us best and we are comfortable using it. These five popular Newton Running Shoes are just some of the shoes that the Newton brand is offering. Check out our selection of Newton Running shoes to get a better idea of all the shoes they offer.

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