The New Vibram Five Fingers Moc

This video is a thorough review of the FiveFingers Moc by Justin Owings, who has a great site on “birthday shoes” that contains a lot of valuable information when it comes to barefoot shoes.  Some information that Justin mentions and that you will notice in this video:

  • The shoes may be the most minimalist barefoot styled shoes out by Vibram
  • The shoes are very thin and compact
  • Remind him very closely of a glove, not unlike gloves used for golfing
  • Because of the thin minimalist nature of the Five Fingers Moc, your toes have almost as much free motion as if you were barefoot
  • The female version is called the “Vibram Five Fingers Performa”

My personal take on the Moc/Performa is that it is too minimalist.  It’s almost like wearing a  high end Injinji sock or slipper which I can do without.  I think it’s great for lounging around in the house but for outdoor activities it probably wouldn’t hold up.

That being said, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying them yet so my views on the Vibram Five Fingers Moc may change! For other new styles coming out, check out our other posts like this and this.