The Vibram Five Fingers Collection – New Shoe Styles for Every Barefoot Enthusiasts!

The minimalist running generation is growing by the hour. Give it a few more years and it will be bursting at the seams. Naturally, this means that there are a diverse number of individuals seeking their own style, comfort and flavour from every minimal running shoe available in the market today. Fortunately, barefoot running shoes seem to be comfortably keeping up with the different demands of their followers! Some of the most innovative and best inventions in the barefoot shoe revolution come from the makers of Vibram Five Fingers!

Comfort, balance and athletics; these are the three pillars that are combined to create the ingenious that the VIbram Five Fingers is. These shoes are nothing but straightforward when it comes to strengthening muscles in the feet and legs and promoting healthier foot! It also aims to improve range of motion and increase sensory reception which makes every runner more agile and well balanced. Still, keeping up with the trends and stylish demands of the younger generation, Vibram has created an array of FiveFingers anybody can choose from!

Minimalist runners value flexibility, comfort and fun when it comes to running shoes. Vibram answers this demand with their Vibram FiveFingers Jaya Women’s shoe! Not only does it boast the signature athletic stretch nylon upper and padded collar, this 5.5mm EVA sole shoes come in bright color combinations too! For those who want it more muted though, there is the Vibram FiveFingers Jaya-LR Women’s.

The Vibram FiveFingers are all created to give men and women convenience and efficiency when doing complex activities while benefiting from doing it barefoot. Cross training exercises and rigorous sports such as rock climbing require great traction from your minimalist shoe. The KomodoSport Men and KomodoSport Women are both seamless and guarantee less friction with the foot but allow for a better grip on any surface plus it gives you balance and agility without hindering motion. Imagine feeling the raw power of the feet as it connects with the ground with the shoes’ 4mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole!

Truly, when Vibram says they cater to all of their runners’ needs, they also thought of those who prefer to run after hours. You don’t have to let the darkness of night hinder you from enjoying your evening run. The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila LS Men and Vibram Five Fingers Bikila LS Women have reflective material that is strategically placed on the heel and strap for increased visibility. The revolutionary features of this shoe such as coconut active carbon that makes it breathable as well as its 4mm anatomical pod that help spread out the impact of running makes these Vibram Five Fingers the best running pal on any terrain at any time!

Vibram Five Fingers truly is one of those minimalist shoe makers that is dominating the barefoot running scene with their innovation and penchant for fun, quirky but highly efficient shoes. No wonder people embrace the comfort and freedom they get from using these unique looking shoes! They are versatility, comfort and protection moulded into a collection of extremely ingenious barefoot running shoes!

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