Tutorial: How to Find the Right Vibram Five Fingers Fit

This video talks about finding the right fit for your feet when looking for Vibram Five Fingers shoes. Not very detailed information but still informative and gives you a better idea of how to fit and wear the shoes.

The information in this video includes:

  • Description of Mr. Gibson, an avid back packer, climber, caver and photographer.
  • It describes the sizing process to find a snug fit
    • Use the Vibram Five Fingers sizing chart, measure foot directly, use ruler underneath the foot and make sure it goes to the tip of your feet and is accurate.
  • The review is useful up until 2:33 where he begins his hike

For step by step instructions, here is an eHow article by GlenTheWise:

For more information on Vibram Five Fingers Shoes, click on the links below:

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