Update: Barefoot Catalog, Server Issues and More FiveFingers in Stock

A lot of things have been happening with Barefoot Running Shoes recently. This ranges from the technical server issues of the website to new features. This post talks about general updates that have been going on with our company.

Server Issues

First and foremost, one of the things our regular readers may have noticed is the server speed is now back to normal account. During a couple high traffic volume days, our server was taken down and we had to spend some time to find a viable solution so server problems and slow down of our website does not occur. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused anybody.

New Shoes Updated 2010 Barefoot Running Shoes Catalog

Back by popular demand, the new barefoot shoes catalog, a visual way to browse barefoot running shoes offline, has been updated to include all the new shoes that we have featured on our website. New shoes that we currently feature on our site as well as the catalog include Inov-8, Kigo Footwear, Feelmax and Soft Star Shoes.

Vibram Stocking Table/Chart

A new feature we are slowly rolling out is the stocking table, which shows what sizes of Vibram FiveFingers are available at various stores. There has always been stocking issues with Vibram since it began it’s surge in popularity. Once they coordinate the high demand with production I’m sure this issue will be solved but for now we decided to create a feature on our website that checks stores to see availability of popular Vibram FiveFingers shoes. The next time you check out any of our FiveFinger shoes pages make sure to look along the right hand column. You should see something like this:

We currently have this feature on 3 types of VFF shoes:

Barefoot Shoes Forum

We found many of our users like to leave comments about their experiences with barefoot shoes. Because of this we decided to give you a Barefoot Shoes Forum to discuss all types of barefoot shoes, brands, sizing and other issues people run into when deciding to purchase shoes. The forum also has a section where you can post up shoes that you are thinking about trading or selling because they just didn’t fit your particular need.

Check out the Barefoot Running Shoes Forum yourself.

Shoe Sales Section

For all of the other people who are interested in footwear and not just barefoot shoes, we created a new shoes sales section that features only shoes that are on sale. Some of these shoes range from 20-75% off so you can find some great deals there.

Check this our sales section to find great deals on shoes.

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