Update from the Barefoot Training Soldiers in Iraq

soldiers in kirkuk iraq

A few weeks ago we heard from Cpt.Matt Krakowski and his unit who are stationed in Kirkuk, Iraq. He wrote to ask if we could help them out with some shoes that could help them with their Cross Fit training. We connected them with Travel Country and Sockwa who were kind enough to help them out by sending them shoes. The Captain and his unit just recently received their shoes and have updated us with how they have been working out for them.

Matt writes:

Everyone loves them, they are very comfortable and the way you can grip the ground is amazing. The guys love wearing them around their rooms because they feel like slippers. We haven’t had a chance to run with them yet because we have been getting a lot of rain and we live in a dirt compound, but when it dries up I am gonna give it a shot. I have been using them when I do my olympic lifts, squats and dead lifts and it is great the way I feel sturdier and more balanced on the ground. Not having an inch of cushion between my feet and the ground makes a big difference in my ability to lift. I just wanted to say thanks again.

It looks like the soldiers are really enjoying their Vibram FiveFingers and Sockwas. Check out the pictures below.

soldier jump roping with vibram five fingers

box jumping with vibram five fingers

squatting with vibram five fingers

medicine ball catching in vibram five fingers

Thanks again for Travel Country and Sockwa for helping them out.

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