Vibram Bikila’s and Other Five Fingers in Stock at TravelCountry

Our friends over at Travel Country have passed along the good news that they have just received a brand new shipment of Vibram FiveFingers.  This means if you were trying to get a hold of the right size FiveFingers you now have a better chance of doing so (it’s crazy how popular these shoes are!).  The even better news is they have more Bikila stock so act quick before someone else scoops them all up.

Here’s what they told us they have:

Don’t know if you saw but Classic SmartWool FiveFingers they have available.  If you didn’t know these are the Vibram Classic shoes that everyone has grown to love, but only now made with SmartWool fabric which prevents odors and increases breathability.  Good stuff!

3 thoughts on “Vibram Bikila’s and Other Five Fingers in Stock at TravelCountry”

  1. Is there anywhere in Toronto Canada or surrounding area that I can see these shoes and try them on for fit/comfort etc. before purchasing rather than purchasing via website locations?
    cheers Rod Goold

    • @rod, I haven’t heard that much with regards of buying vibrams in Toronto or Canada. Not sure if there are REI stores in Canada, but I know REI here in the states carries them.

  2. hey rod i just got some at vibram KSOs at MEC (400 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario) also europe bound right across the street carries them


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