Vibram Five Fingers Goes Mainstream: Doctor Oz Talks Feet

On the popular Doctor Oz show, the good doctor talks in detail about foot injury and it’s relationship to how we run and how we walk.  He briefly mentions and demonstrates the usage of the Vibram Five Fingers shoes (if you fast forward to 3:47). Here is a summarization of the video:

  • He first gets a female volunteer to see what type of arch she has.  They do this by dipping their feet in water and walking on paper to see how the volunteer, as well as himself, “roll” their feet as they walk.
  • He discusses the differences between the normal arch, the flat arch and high arch and different types of problems associated with the different arches.
  • He mentions the benefits of orthotics for some runners and walkers.
  • They examine different shoes, including the volunteers and see how the shoe is worn down.  By seeing where the shoe is worn down, you can get a good idea of how you roll your feet when you walk and what type of arch you have.
  • Plantar Fasciitis is mentioned as a typical foot problem possibly related to your shoes and how you walk.
  • Doctor Oz then busts out a pair of Vibram Five Fingers Classics and demonstrates heel striking versus forefoot/midfoot striking.
  • He mentions many times about how our ancestors used to run super long distances and how wearing the Vibram Five Fingers allows us to run like our ancestors ran.  He has had Chris McDougall (Author of  Born to Run) on his radio show in the past and mentions that he first found out about those shoes from him.

It’s great that the shoes are getting more recognition in the main stream media and being promoted by people who are deemed medical professionals.  Although the shoes aren’t made for everybody, exposure like this will definitely be a positive thing as it gives people the option of trying a different style of footwear that could possibly benefit them.  It’s still true that there hasn’t been any conclusive medical studies that go through rigorous scientific methodologies to examine the benefits of running barefoot versus running with shoes, hopefully this will change in time.

Click on the image above to watch a video clip of the Doctor Oz Show!

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