Vibram Five Fingers Injury: The Blistering Pain

This post and images were sent in by one of my readers from Las Vegas Nevada about his first time wearing the Vibram Five Fingers Shoes and the injury he incurred because of them:

All I heard about was how the Vibram Five Fingers shoes would improve foot strength and reduce foot injuries such as knee, hip and foot problems related to running.  When I bought my first pair of the Sprints I didn’t have the greatest experience.  I wore the shoe and decided to go for a run on the neighborhood school track near my house.  The actual track was made of the soft rubbery material that the nice track programs these days have as opposed to regular dirt tracks.  This was a perfect testing ground for the Vibram Five fingers as it wasn’t too rough of a terrain for a beginner like me.

I started walking around the track and felt awesome! no pain, light on my feet!  Very light on my feet…

I then ran a mile, then 2, then 3 and decided to call it quits. I usually run much more than 3 miles on an average day.  I’ve heard that you must slowly work your way up to a normal running distance when you first start running barefoot or with the Vibram Five Fingers barefoot running shoes.

The next thing i noticed was pain under my foot.  Not directly under my foot but on my big toe.  I felt a blister.  A frickin toe blister.  One that I have never gotten from running.  Here’s some pictures:



Now the good news.  This blister was evident and was slightly painful on the first day.  But the next day it was nearly fully healed.  The day after was even better as the foot was practically 100%.  My calves were another story.  Those took about a full week to heal.  Now I understand that there would be a period my feet needed to adjust.  That’s fine.  My main concern was my joint paints in the knee and hips.  I noticed that I didn’t have any joint pains related to running.  I didn’t want to get too optimistic so I decided to try them out a couple more times before I got too excited.

After a few more runs a couple weeks later, my foot pretty much adapted to the shoes and i no longer get these blisters.  But I also no longer get the joint pains that I experienced in the past from running as well.  I STILL don’t want to get too overly excited as I haven’t ran more than 6 miles at a time yet.. but things are looking great so far.  Once I do some real distances on this baby I will write another post.

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