Vibram Five Fingers: KSO Trek Versus KSO

The latest shoes from Vibram is the KSO Treks. In this video. the KSO Treks are closely compared with the standard KSOs. You get a really good idea of the intricate differences between the two. Since my feet are similar to Jacob’s feet as the toe fingers are also a little longer in length, I can see where the shoes may cause problems or be uncomfortable.

Some of the points that Jacob goes over in this video:

  • He examines the grooves in the new KSO Treks and shoes how the rubber portion is deisgned much differently than the original KSOs.
  • The strap design is also different in length.
  • Putting on the trek’s could be more difficult. (Good information to know)
  • The new KSO treks are less stretchy so it could be tougher to initially get your foot in.

For more information on Vibram Five Fingers Shoes, click on the links below:

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