Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Shortage: Be Patient!

By now you all know that there is a short supply of Vibram Five Fingers shoes are.  Although many stores still have supplies of Vibram Five Fingers shoes, it may be difficult finding the right size.  In the statement below by Vibram, they mention how unexpected demand has driven supply down and most of products in production are currently for back orders.  That being said. Many current stores that sell these are receiving these back orders so you will just have to constantly check back at your local or online stores to see when they are available.  I’ve called the local Adventure 16 store here in LA and they said they will be expecting new shipments within a couple of weeks. Can’t wait!


This statement by Vibram:

Dear FiveFingers Fans,

We’d like to take a moment to thank you for your support and enthusiasm, and especially for your patience as we work to improve our product availability after an incredibly busy and successful summer.

We understand and appreciate the concern regarding FiveFingers availability—it is certainly not our desire to disappoint consumers wishing to try our product. Frankly speaking, our business will more than triple this year and we just didn’t see that kind of growth coming 8-10 months ago — not in this economy. That said, we did plan to double our business in ‘09, which at the time seemed pretty aggressive in the midst of the financial meltdown and weak retail environment. I don’t know many businesses that took that kind of risk this year.

Six months ago, with a better picture of what seemed to be coming, we increased our materials sourcing and manufacturing capability further, and we expect to have much more product in the coming months. We have held back on adding new styles, so we can better service our existing styles. In addition, we have placed a moratorium on new accounts, so we can better service the existing account base. And finally, we have a large supply of product currently in manufacturing that we will continue to fly to our warehouse regularly over the next two months.

Our IT team is working on a program that will help communicate product availability better to consumers who order from our website. We apologize for not being able to provide you with a better picture of what is coming and when. For now, I can only tell you that we will all work harder not to disappoint our consumers and try to be more responsive to the needs of the marketplace.

We hope to use Facebook and Twitter as a productive space for learning and sharing ideas associated with barefoot living and lifestyle but also as a venue to keep everyone notified on upcoming styles, colors, and availability. As our company and fan base continues to grow, we will do our best to maintain this type of open dialogue with our consumers, as you are integral to the growth and evolution of the brand. Again, thank you all for your support. We truly appreciate your feedback.

-Vibram FiveFingers Team-