Vibram FiveFingers Allows Former Runners to Get Back Into The Groove

Here are 2 responses from our readers about their experiences in Vibram FiveFingers.

Ann, who switched to the popular FiveFingers Bikila due to ankle and knee pain writes to us from her iPad.

Love my Vibram Bikila’s. I’ve been running for 26 years faithfully every week and I switched to Vibrams 2 years ago due to ankle and knee pain.

I broke my ankle when I was younger and it would swell when I ran long distances. My knees were just cranky. My orthopedic doctor recommended I switch to cycling. Instead, I switched to Vibram’s. No more swelling, ankle or knee pain.

My only advice is go slowly in making the transition from traditional running shoes to Vibram’s, even if you wear minimalist shoes like the Nike Free’s. I thought go slowly was meant for novice runners, so my first run was 4 miles. No big deal, until 4 am when I got out of bed and found my calves had muscles I did not know existed…ouch! Truly, go slowly, and alternate between traditional running shoes and Vibram’s. I now only run in Vibram’s and did 11 miles yesterday in San Francisco with my daughter, just for fun, no ankle swelling, no knee aches, no pain.

Beware though, they do get funny looks. A tourist on the Golden Gate Bridge took a picture of my feet yesterday as we ran past them!

Cheers to all and to happy bare feet!
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Emily, an avid runner was planning to take a break from running before discovering the Vibram Five Fingers and the potential benefits of wearing them:

Just as I was deciding I needed to take yet a second break within one year from running due to having such resulting back pain (even though I am only in my mid-twenties), luckily, a physical therapist I work with mentioned barefoot running and listed some of its benefits. I did a bit more research of my own on-line and finally decided to take part. I started running barefoot. I felt like calluses were forming too slowly for me to even begin focusing on increasing my mileage. So I did some more research on minimalist shoes.

I concluded that Vibram FiveFinger shoes would most mimic the barefoot running I wanted, with their super flexible soles and toe pockets. The store and salesman I visited were very accommodating, offering a treadmill to use the shoes to run on and taking the time to allow me to try on several different styles and sizes to find the ones that best fit me. At the time, they were out of my size and style and I was put on a waiting list. Being so excited about starting with my new shoes I instead ordered on-line from the Vibram website and got the shoes several times quicker than if I had continued to wait on the waiting list.

Since using minimalist shoes, my back pain is completely gone for the first time in years and I can run everyday without needing to allow my joints a break every other day. Plus I get the added benefit of feeling more of the Earth under my feet and between my toes!

Thank you Emily and Ann for sharing your experiences!

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  1. I live in Goodyear Arizona are there any stores that sell the Vibram FiveFingers
    running shoes in the Phoenix Arizona area?


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