Vibram Fivefingers Performa Shoes Review

We conclude from our Vibram Fivefingers Performa Shoes Review: this is one of the best we have seen. The Vibram Fivefingers Performa shoes has revolutionized the way running should be. Who would not be amazed and thrilled upon seeing a pair of shoe that fits perfectly and give you a barefoot feeling while doing crossfit or working out? Vibram Fivefingers Performa is surely any runners dream since it provides comfort and flexibility and at the same time protects you from any elements and dirt on the trail and road.

Let us face it, there are just times when you want to go barefoot as you do some physical activities. There is nothing barbaric with this idea since a lot of footwear restricts and limits your movement and mobility. With the Performa shoes you are given the opportunity to feel nothing on your feet and still feel protected. This aim is successfully delivered because many athletes and gym buffs opt to wear this kind of shoe.

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Enhance Movement

Since it gives a barefoot feeling, it increases your power to move around a lot and faster. It allows you to move in a natural way. Unlike your old, thick-soled shoes you actions are restricted and could even lead to injuries. But with the Performa, your flexibility, mobility, stability, control and agility are enhanced. This pair is not mainly for sports, crossfit or gym exercise as this could also be an ideal footwear for travel.


If there is only one word that need to describe these Vibram barefoot shoes, it would surely be comfortable. Yes, the whole idea of creating such kind of shoe is to maximize comfort even while doing strenuous activities. It feels like a second skin where you do not have to worry about suffocating your feet and limiting your actions. The material used is kangaroo leather which is highly breathable and durable. It provides total movement for your toes. It is soft to wear and it could be adjusted to achieve a secure and perfect fit to your feet.


These Fivefingers shoes only weigh around 50 grams. That is just approximately a third or less of the weight of one regular shoe. Because of its weight, this allows you to do extensive indoor workout. However, with its weight you are advised not to use this pair for outdoor activities. It may be tear-resistant but the material is not built to withstand rocky trails and muddy areas.

Water Resistant

The leather used is built with water repellence technology which prevents damage to the shoe due to perspiration. Perspiration is one leading cause of leather damage. With this technology, the lifespan of the Fivefingers is longer compared to other leather barefoot shoes. This technology also allows you to machine wash your pair in cold water. But make sure that you air dry them.

Microbe and Odor Protection

It is normal when people have second thoughts on buying a leather shoe especially, one that would be use specifically for physical activities. The good thing about the Performa is, it is designed with AEGIS Microbe shield antibacterial treatment which prevents the formation of odor and germs. The leather is integrated with an inorganic chemical microbe protection. These two technologies enhance the protection against microbe formation and smell.

Good Quality Materials

These shoes are made of kangaroo leather which is manufactured by Packer Leather. This high quality material is considered as the strongest leather fiber available in the market. The natural low fat content of the skin and exceptional properties of kangaroo’s hide make it the best choice for this type of shoes. The shoes are constructed in a way that the wearer does not feel the seams.

The Vibram Fivefingers Performa barefoot shoes are a steal. This is a good deal for those who are looking for comfortable, durable and flexible pair for their workouts. The only downside of this pair is it is not recommended to be used for outdoor activities especially, strenuous ones like running and hiking. This is exclusively for indoor physical activities alone like crossfit, martial arts, dance and even yoga and Pilates. As much as you want to use this for your every day run, you need to choose another pair for this type of activity.

Buy Now: Vibram Fivefingers Performa (Free Amazon Shipping)

The Performa is one amazing and impressive product. It has leveled up the traditional workout shoes. The ingenuity of making a barefoot feel for shoes shows that there are endless possibility when it comes to creativity. This kind of shoe increases your agility and power in doing your workout and still giving you warmth and comfort at the same time. It also serves as a protection for your feet because it allows you to bend your toes and spread them with ease. This is definitely a good buy and is highly recommended.

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