Vibram FiveFingers Review: Video and FAQs

It’s been a while since I did a Vibram Five Finger Shoe Review so i thought I’d just shoot a short clip of my sporting my Injinji Socks, Vibram FiveFinger KSOs and jeans (A perfect combination for clubbing). So i’ll take this review to just point out some frequently asked questions we’ve had about barefoot shoes and the KSO’s as well as show you the new video made of these shoes.

Does the Vibram FiveFingers really help you footstrike midfoot?

Yes, it would be really difficult for you not to strike midfoot when you run with these shoes. Using the heel would be painful and you can feel the impact HARD as opposed to wearing regular running shoes.

Vibram’s Tight Toes: Are they really comfortable? It would seem like the shoes restrict air from the toes making them feel uncomfortable.

The shoes are quite comfortable and the mesh on top of the toes make them quite breathable. I have to admit though, the Injinji socks that I got, which were specifically 1 size smaller than normal to allow it to fit into the KSO’s were a bit tight and taking them off was a big relief.

Are the FiveFinger’s conducive to helping your achieve a more natural foot shape?

I probably do not wear it often enough to see a huge difference between my foot from when I started till now. But those who have please chime in. It only makes sense that it does promote shaping of the natural foot shape.

Are Vibram FiveFingers the best minimalist running shoes?

This is a very subjective question. Many of the FiveFinger line of shoes are not even considered running shoes. the Speed and the Bikila’s are considered running shoes and are quite good in promoting the minimalist running style. There are also many other barefoot shoes such as the Nike Frees which I consider one of my favorite “minimalist” running shoes. If you’re talking about the toe separation and control that is provided in the FiveFingers shoes, then that is one unique quality that many other brands have yet to duplicate. There are some new brands that have shoes with separate toes coming and we will report on them shortly.

Where can I buy Barefoot Runners?

There are quite a few stores online that carry them that are listed on this site. The most effective way to get the Vibram FiveFingers are in local stores so you can try them on before purchasing. If you are looking for brick and mortar stores that carry them you should check out their official websites to see where the stores are located. There are also many stores in online and offline in the UK and other European stores that carry the shoes although it may be harder to find them in other countries.

Are you going to make another barefoot running treadmill test video?

Yes, we are currently testing out other shoes on the treadmill. Please check back on our site often for updated information about the barefoot running tests we perform on and off the treadmill.

These shoes are expensive, are there cheap shoes for running barefoot style?

While many of these shoes are not cheap, I’d still opt to go with the legit version of the shoes rather than purchasing an illegal duplicate. We haven’t yet tested fake FiveFingers and do not have plans to do so in the near future. Some cheaper alternatives are the Zem Gear shoes which shoe great promise in providing minimalist running support for a reasonable price.

Just for kicks, here’s the video of  me sporting the Vibram FiveFingers KSO shoes and the Injinji Socks:

Feel free to post more questions on this comment thread or forum to open up the discussion for the community.