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Product Description

The Vibram Five Finger Classic is a great way to start your journey into the world of healthier feet thanks to going “barefoot”. The Classic provides enough protection and traction to protect you from the outside elements (glass, gravel, pine cones, etc…), but at same time gives you the freedom of motion only going barefoot can give you.

After wearing the Five Finger Classic a few months you’ll feet will be stronger, you’ll be lighter on your toes, and that nagging back pain you get when you wear those shoes with the swoosh on them will be a distant memory.

The Classic is ideal for activities where if you could you would want to go barefoot–kayaking, yoga, pilates, martial arts, fitness training, running, canoeing, etc…

VFF Time Best 07


VFF Time Best 07



Finding the Right Size Vibram Five Fingers

It’s important when ordering the Vibram Five Fingers Classic that you get the right size shoe. Vibram uses the European shoe size system so you will need to measure your foot and use this conversion chart to find the right size for you.

Foot Length (inches) 9 ½ “ 9 ¾ “ 10 “ 10 ¼ “ 10 ½ “ 10 ¾ “ 11 “ 11 ¼ “ 11 ½ “ 11 ¾ “ 12 “
Men’s Classic Size 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

Vibram Five Fingers recommends the following procedure for accurately measuring your feet:

  1. Stand with your heels flush against a flat vertical wall.
  2. Slide a ruler under each foot and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of the longest toe.
  3. Take the longer of the two foot measurements.
  4. If the the foot length varies more than 1/6 in. it will be difficult to get a precise fit for both feet.
  5. If your your second toe is more than 1/6 in. longer than your big toe it may be difficult to get a precise fit

Vibram Five Fingers Classic Men Testimonials


Raleigh, NC

Five Fingers…Best Shoes Ever

I bought these as soon as I found them in an online review. They have been the most comfortable and balanced footwear I’ve ever worn. I use them for everyday use, including walking on hard surfaces, such as concrete. I had to teach myself how to walk appropriately, and for the first few days, I found that my feet ached since I was walking too heavily. It has now been over 3 weeks, and they feel wonderful. I abhor wearing any other shoes now.


Soldotna, AK

Freakishly Comfortable

I recently received my Five Fingers Classic as an early birthday gift before going on a trip to Mexico and Arizona. They were a little different to put on at first though after a few times they seem to slip right on. The only thing I have really noticed is that after being in water they are little bit slippery on some surfaces, especially concrete, and some rock. Some of the great things I have done in these are some light/med. hiking handles various terrains great. Bouldering was also a blast.

Overall highly satisfies with the claim that these shoes are like being barefoot, but with a little protection! They are a blast to wear and still finding out what their limitations may be.


New Mexico

First Impression: Wow!

I recently received a pair of Classics. I am an older walker/hiker with a history of foot pain – bent toes, corns, plantar fasciitis, you name it. I put these Five Fingers on, and had almost immediate relief from foot pain. I’m taking the advice about breaking my feet in slowly to this new style of shoe, but have had no problems so far, and find them amazingly comfortable on all kinds of surfaces. I think I’m a convert.

Buy Vibram Five Fingers Classic Shoes

Vibram Five Finger  Classics shoes have been pretty popular so finding a pair sometimes can be difficult.  Below are some places you can check out in case you can’t find seem to find any.

Where to Buy FiveFingers in the United States

Where to Buy FiveFingers in Europe or the UK

Available FiveFingers Classic Men’s Colors

  • Castle Rock/Verde Upper, Grey Bottom
  • Grey/Orange Upper, Black Bottom
  • Black Upper, Black Bottom
  • Brown/Walnut Upper, Walnut Bottom

Vibram Five Fingers Classic Related News

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6 thoughts on “FiveFingers Classic Men”

  1. I enjoy using these shoes a lot, I saw the sprint models which are cool as well but I run regularly in these and i’ve had no problems with them.

  2. I’m a male model and I gotta look good.. I wouldn’t be caught dead with these on the streets but they really excentuate my calves after just wearing them for 3 weeks. I look sexier and slimmer with all the workouts I’ve gotten with this.

    You will most definitely get sore the first couple of days of running or even walking in them but after that it’s great.

    Ibeing a surf enthusiast, I first got interested in these after doing research on surfers that used them and found them to be very useful.

    I can’t think of a reason not to give them 5 stars besides the weird looking factor…

  3. these are great chill shoes that I wear when I go out on errands and walk around the house and yard. But I also have the KSO’s which I use for heavier exercising. I would recommend those if you want to go jogging or cross train.

    The classics are great for spare shoes!

  4. I bought FiveFingers Sprint, 2 weeks ago. At first, I figured I made a big mistake, the crazy things are a challenge to get on. Well, after one or two tries, I got them on and did my usual workout. I kept the shoes on for the rest of the day, they felt so good. I did get some strange looks though. During week one, I had pleasant muscle pains, where I’ve never had them before, (ankles, shins, calves) but I’m not in pain at all the second week. I have plantar fasciitis in booth feet. Since wearing these shoes, the pain and stiffness is gone…maybe not a cure, but something good happened. I’ll be buying more.

  5. hi there, i am very interested in buying some of your products especially the Vibram Five Fingers Shoes. But where and how can i get it in Malaysia? or is it possible for the products to be sent by courier? thank you very much

    Best Regards



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