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Product Description

Active sports enthusiasts crave to find athletic apparel that suits their style. One of the most innovative and “best inventions” to come in years, the Vibram Five Fingers Barefoot Shoe was developed with comfort, balance and athletics in mind. The shoes give you the capability to be in motion in a more natural, flexible and FUN way.

Combining the Bikila LS’ speed lacing system and the KomodoSport’s design and sole structure, Vibram FiveFingers has proudly released the KomodoSport LS to the market. The newest addition to their fitness line is essentially the same KomodoSport that many barefoot enthusiasts have come to love. The main difference lies in the integration of Vibram’s popular lacing system to accommodate users with either narrower or wider feet, or those with high insteps.

The feature that makes the KomodoSport LS stand out from its VFF kin is its 2mm seamless and stitch-free footbed. The insole is covered with a silky material that makes it utterly soft and very comfortable for your feet to move even when making lateral cuts. However, if you want more ground feel, you can also opt to remove the insole.

Just like its predecessor, the KomodoSport LS boasts of the same Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole which provides you with great traction, grip and protection that you would need for a wide range of cross training activities.

So let you feet relish in the sockless comfort that the multi-sport Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport LS brings you and enjoy any sport or activity with a peace of mind!

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Finding the Right Size Vibram Five Fingers

It’s important when ordering the Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS that you get the right size shoe. Vibram uses the European shoe size system so you will need to measure your foot and use this conversion chart to find the right size for you.

Foot Length (inches) 9 ½ “ 9 ¾ “ 10 “ 10 ¼ “ 10 ½ “ 10 ¾ “ 11 “ 11 ¼ “ 11 ½ “ 11 ¾ “ 12 “
Men’s KomodoSport LS Size 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

Vibram Five Fingers recommends the following procedure for accurately measuring your feet:

  1. Stand with your heels flush against a flat vertical wall.
  2. Slide a ruler under each foot and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of the longest toe.
  3. Take the longer of the two foot measurements.
  4. If the the foot length varies more than 1/6 in. it will be difficult to get a precise fit for both feet.
  5. If your your second toe is more than 1/6 in. longer than your big toe it may be difficult to get a precise fit

Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS Testimonials

Corey L Perfect casual pair of VFFs

I’ve had my Gray/Gray KS LS for a little over a week now, and they’ve usurped the KSO as my favorite pair of VFFs. I’ve previously owned the KSO and Bikila. As for sizing, I wear a 43 in black KSO, and found because of the foot-bed insert, went up to a 44 in the KomodoSport LS. I could have fit my feet into the size 43, but my left foot is a bit longer than the right, so I sized up to accommodate. After spending real walking time in them, I’m so happy I did.

I’ve walked 5+ miles in them, worn them on the beach on vacation, waded through a small flood we had while there – they performed brilliantly. To be completely honest, I don’t even miss my (nearly worn through) KSOs. These are just so incredibly comfortable. Yeah, you lose a bit of ground feel, but when you’re mostly walking on concrete (in NYC), it’s not a big deal. I expect these will be warmer in winter because my feet are higher off the ground, better insulated.

Now that I have a perfect casual pair of VFFs, it may be time to check out the leathers. 🙂

Noel Killer fit and love the laces

Just picked these up yesterday. Killer fit and love the laces. Great to knock around in and may be using them in more competitive scenes too – running/obstacles.

Buy Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS Shoes

Vibram Five Finger shoes have been pretty popular so finding a pair sometimes can be difficult.  Below are some places you can check out in case you can’t find seem to find any.

Where to Buy FiveFingers in the United States

Available FiveFingers KomodoSport LS Men’s Colors

  • Castle Rock / Navy / Grey
  • Black / Grey / Green
  • Grey / Black / Navy

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