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Product Description

The Women’s Vibram FiveFinger Classic is a great way to start your journey into the world of healthier feet thanks to going “barefoot”. The Classic provides enough protection and traction to protect you from the outside elements (glass, gravel, pine cones, etc…), but at same time gives you the freedom of motion only going barefoot can give you.

After wearing the Vibram FiveFinger Classic a few months you’ll feet will be stronger, you’ll be lighter on your toes, and that nagging back pain you get when you wear those shoes with the swoosh on them will be a distant memory.

The Classic is ideal for activities where if you could you would want to go barefoot–kayaking, yoga, pilates, martial arts, fitness training, running, canoeing, etc…

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Finding the Right Size Vibram FiveFingers

It’s important when ordering the Vibram FiveFingers Classic that you get the right size shoe. Vibram uses the European shoe size system so you will need to measure your foot and use this conversion chart to find the right size for you.

Foot Length (inches) 81⁄8 83⁄8 85⁄8 87⁄8 91⁄8 93⁄8 95⁄8 97⁄8 101⁄8 103⁄8
Women’s Classic Size 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 NA

Vibram FiveFingers recommends the following procedure for accurately measuring your feet:

  1. Stand with your heels flush against a flat vertical wall.
  2. Slide a ruler under each foot and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of the longest toe.
  3. Take the longer of the two foot measurements.
  4. If the the foot length varies more than 1/6 in. it will be difficult to get a precise fit for both feet.
  5. If your your second toe is more than 1/6 in. longer than your big toe it may be difficult to get a precise fit

Vibram FiveFingers Classic Women Testimonials


Milwaukee, WI

They Read My Mind

Ideally, I enjoy strolling outside in my yard and neighborhood barefoot. But I’m usually hesitant to go on long walks because of damage to my foot. With this shoe I get the benefits of walking barefoot but with some protection.


Boston, MA

Great If You’re Always On the Go

I travel back and forth from Boston and New York for business. It’s annoying to have to pack your business shoes with your athletic shoes. These shoes are very light and compact and it’s as easy as packing flexible flip flops. No more bulky running shoes cluttering my suitcase!

Buy Vibram FiveFingers Classic Women Shoes

Vibram FiveFingers Classic Women shoes have been pretty popular so finding a pair sometimes can be difficult.  Below are some places you can check out in case you can’t find seem to find any.

Where to Buy FiveFingers in the United States

Where to Buy FiveFingers in Europe or the UK

Avalilable FiveFingers Classic Women’s Colors

  • Stormy Seas/Agate Upper, Silver Bottom
  • Black Upper, Black Bottom
  • Lilac/White Upper, White Bottom
  • Chili/Peach Upper, Chili Bottom
  • Mauve/Sand Upper, Grey Bottom

Vibram FiveFingers Classic Related News

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9 thoughts on “FiveFingers Classic Women”

  1. I wear these shoes when I garden and when I do basic yard work. I haven’t worn them out to go shopping or run any other errands because of the weird looks these have, but they’ve been so comfortable i think i’m going to overlook that!

    I really don’t run that much or jog for exercise (u usually bike), so I can’t say how much the shoes help when running or jogging. All I know is that they are very very outstanding and comfortable when doing yard work and walking around the neighborhood.

  2. I have very long second toes (from the big toe) about 1/3 in. longer than my big toe. Should I even bother purchasing any of these?

  3. Hey, I wear a women’s 12 as well. Should I hold out for a women’s extended size? What about ordering the equivalent in a men’s shoe, good idea or no? My concern is that they’ll be too wide for my foot. Thanks.

  4. Is it normal that they feel a little tight when I put them on the first time or does this mean that I choose a size too small?


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