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Product Description

One of the most innovative and “best inventions” to come in years, the Vibram Five Fingers Barefoot Shoe was developed with comfort, balance and athletics in mind. The shoes gives you the capability to be in motion in a more natural, flexible and FUN way.

The FiveFingers Performa was designed to enhance a barefoot feeling. The kangaroo leather upper feels soft against the bare foot, yet is strong and tear resistant. The 7-part Vibram rubber sole offers maximum feel and flexibility without sacrificing slip resistance. The Performa was designed primarily for indoor use during fitness training, CrossFit, and for after sport. The sole is not designed for extended use during outdoor activities like trekking, running, or water sports.

The Performa is ideal for activities where if you could you would want to go barefoot–Fitness Training, Indoor CrossFit, Travel, & After Sport.

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Finding the Right Size Vibram FiveFingers

It’s important when ordering the Vibram FiveFingers Performa that you get the right size shoe. Vibram uses the European shoe size system so you will need to measure your foot and use this conversion chart to find the right size for you.

Foot Length (inches)81⁄883⁄885⁄887⁄891⁄893⁄895⁄897⁄8101⁄8103⁄8
Women’s Performa Size36373839404142

Vibram FiveFingers recommends the following procedure for accurately measuring your feet:

  1. Stand with your heels flush against a flat vertical wall.
  2. Slide a ruler under each foot and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of the longest toe.
  3. Take the longer of the two foot measurements.
  4. If the the foot length varies more than 1/6 in. it will be difficult to get a precise fit for both feet.
  5. If your your second toe is more than 1/6 in. longer than your big toe it may be difficult to get a precise fit

Vibram FiveFingers Performa Womens Testimonials


Boulder, CO

Sexy Five Fingers

The Vibram Five Fingers shoes are known to be an acquired taste.  Some enthusiasts love them while others think they are  ugly and people wearing them should be shunned from society.

These are the first Vibram FiveFingers shoes that I think look great and sexy! Perfect for yoga.  Especially since those mats could get sweaty, dirty and slippery, the grips on these shoes are excellent.

Buy Vibram FiveFingers Performa Women Shoes

Vibram FiveFingers Performa Women shoes have been pretty popular so finding a pair sometimes can be difficult.  Below are some places you can check out in case you can’t find seem to find any.

Where to Buy FiveFingers in the United States

Where to Buy FiveFingers in Europe or the UK

Available FiveFingers Performa Women’s Colors

  • Violet Upper, Black Bottom
  • Coral Upper, Black Bottom
  • Black Upper, Black Bottom

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