Vibram KSO Evo Review: 5 Reasons is the Best Barefoot Running Shoe

In our Vibram KSO Evo Review we found many reasons why this Makes the Best Barefoot Running Shoes List. Vibram has been making great barefoot running shoes for years. The Vibram KSO Evo takes the basic design of the Vibram shoes and adds some nice new features. And the name is fun too. It stands for Keep Stuff Out evolution. What’s great about these barefoot shoes?

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1. The polyester stretch upper is both breathable and drains well. Your feet will get wet in these shoes but they won’t hold the water. The collar and heel are reinforced with leather which gives a snug feel. They need some breaking in so that they slip on more easily but you want a good fit in a barefoot shoe.

2. The Vibram KSO Evo has a nice grippy sole. These shoes are a bit “sticky” so they don’t slide around. This is a nice feature in a barefoot shoe because without some grip, you might as well not wear anything. The grippy sole offers a bit of rubber between you and whatever you are walking or running on.

3. Because the sole is thin rubber, the Vibram KSO Evo is a flexible shoe with a lot of ground feel. Feeling the ground is the appeal of a barefoot shoe and this design has no excess cushion: there is just a bare 2mm of rubber. They also work well on wet ground. But because it is a minimalist shoe, these force you to use proper running technique and requires you build up your muscles to take the impact. Make sure to use a build up schedule if you are new to barefoot running. But if you are already a barefoot shoe wearer, these offer that minimalist style.

4. The Vibram KSO Evo features a speed lacing system. There are no laces to tie, just a toggle to tighten to get these shoes snug on your feet. One simple tug and the shoe is in place. This simplifies the design of the shoe and makes the laces easy to adjust.

5. As with other Vibram shoes, the KSO Evo is tight around the heel but spreads your toes apart for that flat foot feel. More conventional shoes push your toes into a confined toe box. But these shoes feature a compartment for each toe. Some did note the stitching is noticeably felt in the toe area but didn’t seem to cause blisters. There are a few hot spots in the shoe where the upper meets the rubber but a breaking in period seemed to solve most of these issues.
These shoes are definitely minimalist. At only 4.9 oz they are not a heavy shoe. They are designed to go on fast, stay in place, and provide just a hint of shoe between you and the ground.

Buy Now: Vibram KSO Evo (Free Amazon Shipping)

For those seeking a good minimalist shoe, the Vibram KSO Evo is a great option. It is a versatile shoe that works well for running, general training, water sports, and just walking around.

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