Vibrams FiveFingers vs. Nike Free vs. Newton Barefoot Running Shoes

As studies show, running barefoot definitely gives a lot more benefits than wearing shoes. However, since we could not do it due to a variety of factors, the next best alternative is wearing shoes that are especially made for running.

There are lots of brands of running shoes coming out in the market these days, but in this article, we hope to compare the top three choices, Vibram FiveFingers Shoes, Nike Free Shoes and Newton Running Shoes. This is not to prove which brand or model of running shoes is the best, but this is just to give a sneak preview of their individual benefits and features. After all, different users have different requirements and expectations from their shoes.

So, choose one which fits your need and budget.

The Looks:

The Vibram FiveFingers Shoes are the feet counterpart of your hand glove. With its five separate slots for your toes, this is the next best thing to running barefoot. This is the most obvious difference of this brand from the rest. It delivers the benefits of running barefooted – with lesser risks of injuries.
But of course, because of its design, its quite funny to use the shoes with the rest of your everyday wear.

The Nike Free Shoes captures the barefoot running foot strike. Because it looks like your regular shoes, it can be used not only for running, but as part of your casual get-up too.

Similarly, the Newton Running Shoes also allows you to strike the ground in the same way you would if you were running barefoot, thus correcting years of incorrect running form. If you’re looking for versatility, Nike and Newton are for you.

The Features:

Vibram’s FiveFingers are flexible that you can bend them in half. The rubbery material is so light and fits snugly around your foot that it’s more than like a second skin than shoes.

But despite its quite delicate appearance, the soles of Vibram’s FiveFingers are enough for you to jog over rocks, gravel and any surface that you would thread your regular sneakers on. You can even swim with it.

Nike, on the other hand, perfected the barefoot simulation in 2006, before Vibram did. The shoes have slightly higher heel than most barefoot shoes and the soles are really flexible. They look like your usual Nike shoes with the usual athletic colors for sports and casual wears.

On the other hand, Newton Running shoes are lightweight, highly breathable and considered as one of the most comfortable models of running shoes. They may look like your ordinary running shoes but once you wear it, you will discover the difference. It’s main feature is the rubber actuator lug that propels you forward in a way similar to how your foot bounces you from one stride into the next.

The Cost:

Your Newtons are the more expensive among the three brands. This is followed by Nike and Vibram.

Choose your pick and enjoy the benefits of barefoot shoes. However, when time, physical conditions and other circumstances allow, always remember that natural is always the best. And you already have the best natural gadget you could ever have – of course, your feet!

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2 thoughts on “Vibrams FiveFingers vs. Nike Free vs. Newton Barefoot Running Shoes”

  1. petal

    have a look at vibram finger shoes, and show it to petr. looks totally weird, and is latest fad here. youmay want to go to the konis in those in summer, and impress teachers and students alike.



  2. I have now run in the Newtons and the Vibrams — have not run in the Nikes but am very sure that since they are a lot like the Vibrams I will not be running in them. Hands down the Newtons are the best shoe that I have ever run with. It is always going to be preference but I ran 5 miles that first day I got my Newtons and loved it. I just ran 2 miles in the Vibrams and got shin splints. There is no padding and my legs felt it. The Newtons are loaded in the front so that you run appropriately, are much more comfortable and I can go 8 miles without feeling discomfort and much faster than I felt I could run in the others. To me, Newtons are the best.


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