Video: Heel Striking and Barefoot Running

This video closely examines the way people strike when they land.  Many leg, knee and running injuries occur because of the way we impact the floor when we land.  We use mainly our heels when landing which forces the impact to be absorbed primarily by the heel.  When we run barefoot or use minimalist shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers or Nike Free Shoes, the impact is distributed on the heel and the bottom of the feet.


You know those exercises that you do to work out your calf muscles (picture above)? The way you naturally land when you run barefoot allows the impact to be absorbed by more of your calf muscles and other areas of your leg and in a motion that softens your landing.  Overtime, this makes a huge difference.

Watch the video below for more details:

Here’s another video that compares heel striking vs. mid-foot striking